Alternative Metaphysical Mind-Body Healing: The Placebo Effect of Thoughts & Emotions


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Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-128Alternative Metaphysical Mind-Body Healing.

The Compounded Placebo Effect of Many Beliefs, Thoughts, & Emotions.


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Alternative Metaphysical Mind-Body Healing. 

Every single belief, thought and emotion has a placebo effect. The compounded placebo effect of thousands of beliefs, thoughts and emotions is huge.

What the placebo effect really is. 

A placebo effect is a measure of the effect of beliefs, thoughts and emotions on matter. In this case the matter is your body.



The placebo effect is far greater than doctors realize.

Science cannot say with certainty what caused a healing.

If you took a pill at the same time you changed your thinking, science will attribute the healing to the pill. This is how Western medicine is getting it all wrong.

Mental suggestion is significantly more powerful than any pill and can override the effects of medication and operations.

Consciousness forms matter

Every belief, thought and emotion are a placebo.

Western medicine studies only an isolated aspect of the overall placebo effect and decides that this is the total effect, but it is not.

If a doctor says a pill is powerful medication and you take it and you are healed, that is an example the power of a SINGE suggestion.

You have an extensive belief system about everything from the meaning of existence to whether or not coffee is bad for you.

Every single element of your belief system has a placebo effect.

As an example, we normally don’t think of philosophical or religious beliefs as affecting our physical health, yet they have a placebo effect on your body.

No pill has a chance if it is up against the effect of your entire belief system.

Why diets don't work


The combined placebo effects operating within you.

Physical treatments such as prescriptions and operations are attacking effects, not causes.

The healing you may experience after visiting your doctor and taking pills is a result of your entire belief system which produces hundreds of placebo effects.

Your belief in time, cause and effect, evolution, Western medicine, your age and dozens of other beliefs have a placebo effect.

Whatever those doctor visits or pills seem to do will rarely overcome the long-term combined placebo effects operating within you.

The Western mechanistic paradigm that you have internalized from birth on is a powerful placebo.

Cultural beliefs about foods and how they affect us are placebos. Your positive and negative emotions are placebos or noceboes.

If a single pill placebo can give you a 25% better chance of healing, imagine what 50 or 100 beliefs/placebos operating in you can do?

Imagine the effect of your self talk for twenty years. Every thought is a mental suggestion that has a small placebo-like effect. You have a thought about every three seconds.

On average, you are giving yourself a placebo every three to five seconds.


Negative suggestion.

In keeping with our Western beliefs, we may take more and more medications, and even sacrifice portions of our bodies in operations. We are in effect removing or treating the effects of negative placebos while adding to those negative placebos.

If you forcibly remove or treat a condition without changing the beliefs, thoughts or emotions that caused it, the ailment will simply materialize in another organ or as a different symptom or disease.

Your beliefs could even materialize in another way, such as a broken relationship rather than a failed heart.

It is a profound and unfortunate mistake to fight effects when it is so much easier and effective to fight causes.

It is not the pills and the operations that are saving you, it’s your beliefs in them and the entire paradigm of placebos operating within you.

Change your beliefs, thoughts and emotions and you change your reality.

Alternative Metaphysical Mind-Body Healing: The Placebo Effect of Thoughts & Emotions.

Copyright © 2017 by William Eastwood.


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Alternative Metaphysical Mind-Body Healing: The Placebo Effect of Thoughts & Emotions.

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It is not the pills and the operations that are saving you, it’s your beliefs in them and the entire paradigm of placebos operating within you.




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