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Daily Affirmations & Metaphysical Guidance

General advice about affirmations



Affirmations Posted Every Day

This is how you create what you want in life



The very moment you say an affirmation your reality begins changing. Use emotion and believe that what you are saying is an immediate reality. Do not underestimate your power to create what you want. Say these affirmations and your own.

This is one of the most important daily routines you can maintain in your life. Affirmations can redirect energy to improve your reality in any way you want things to change.

Embody Your Ideal & Your Power


You are the director of your life, and this is the way you direct and control what happens to you.

Fill yourself with the most positive thoughts, emotions and expectations possible. Center yourself in your most positive mental picture of the future.

Bring a sense of personal power into your body. Think thoughts of your ideal life as vividly as if they were happening now. Embody the ideal. Amplify it. Then repeat affirmations confirming it now exists as your reality.

This is how you create the life you want to live.

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Today's Affirmations

  • I am surrounded by incredible opportunities.
  • Everything is going my way.
  • I can't believe how lucky I am!
  • The opportunities now in my life are greater than they ever were at any other time in my life.
  • The opportunity to make more money than I ever have has materialized.
  • One good thing after another keeps happening and it is going to continue.
  • I feel the reality of what I want most all day long.
  • I feel great today.

Today's Guidance

It is a common mistake to believe that if we missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we will not get another opportunity like it. The truth is that opportunity is NEVER less than what it was in the past. Opportunity is ALWAYS as great as it ever was.

The misconception of limited opportunities comes from the false idea that the physical universe determines our fate rather than our own thinking. We think other people, environment and time determine opportunities when in fact our thinking determines what people, environment and opportunities come to us.

Our false conception of time is part of the problem. Even past events and choices can be changed. The past is being continually recreated and as it changes it has different outcomes. Any change now can change action across the board.

The affirmations above help to remind us of the fact that opportunities are as great now as they ever were. This is a very important point. It protects us from limiting our opportunities because of myths that have no basis in fact or truth.

A belief in clock time brings risk. It brings with it the false belief that you are a victim of both time and events. In a sense, it is a dangerous and false notion.

When you think limitations or potential threats are outside of your control you are hypnotized by cause and effect thinking. If you understood this, you would gain power. You would understand that if you change your thinking to a belief in greater opportunities you advert needless limitations.

Having the right beliefs and thoughts about reality helps a lot because when your beliefs and thoughts change your emotions change. Your key to success is in your ability to project the right emotions consistently.

Your feelings create your reality. Project appreciation and emotions consistent with having what you want and you will create it in present, past and future experience.



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