How to Get Rid of Problem People & Situations? How Do I Stop Bullies & Social Degrading?


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Key to Freedom.

How Do I Achieve Personal Success? How to Get Rid of Problem People & Situations. How Do I Stop Bullies & Social Degrading?  

What Do You Always Control?

There is one thing you always control no matter how difficult your life is. Even if you are a victim of another person or are held back by unreasonable people and restrictions, you control how you can react, and your reaction can potentially bring you freedom from the problem. Regardless of your problem, you control your thinking.

Changing reactions changes your reality

There were times in my life when people were cruel and unfair to me. I suffered from a seemingly endless pattern of abuse until I learned to change my reaction.

Being upset only hurt me, it did not hurt the bully, and it did not change what had happened. And if the bullies knew I was tormented, they were winning.

Our automatic negative emotional reaction to any problem adds negative energy to the situation. If there are other people involved, they feel your energy and emotional reaction and as a result realize that what they are doing is working and this encourages them.

In any situation when people pick up fear or negative emotions this elicits reactions from them that tend to make the situation worse. Your emotions and beliefs tend to cause reactions in-keeping with those emotions and beliefs.

Now that I have changed my reactions, no one bullies me.

And because of my achievements, the ones who heartily disliked me are probably themselves tormented by my success. Either that or they are completely unaware that I have come so far and achieved so much.

There are deep scientific principles behind this concept. Quantum mechanics tells us that everything in the universe is one unbroken field of energy. We are connected to other people and events. Our reactions, therefore, are capable of altering those events.

Excerpts in this article are taken from my book that this article is describing.

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The Benefit of Not Feeling Hurt

Imagine that I am really, really hurt by someone, but instead of feeling deeply hurt, I change my reaction. By not being angry at the person hurting me, or feeling any kind of emotional pain or self-pity, I change reality, literally.

If my reaction is to ignore or downplay the harm and negativity as much as I possibly can, events change. They must.

Suppose I deliberately shift my focus to a recent opposite kind of event in my life, such as when someone was really kind to me? Suppose I say an affirmation, “people like me, and I like people.”

Suppose I told you that scientists had discovered that everything was conscious energy and that you could stop victimization by your thoughts?

NBC NEWS REPORT Universe is conscious

Science has discovered that everything is energy we affect by our thoughts and emotions. In light of recent discoveries in physics, the responsible and logical reaction is to change the dynamics of the situation.

Global consciousness study

You can undermine the power of the offender and offense by not feeding energy into the offender’s energy and intents. Your reaction can withdraw energy from the undesirable aspects of the situation and substitute the opposite energy.

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How Do I Get Rid of Mean People & Other Problems? Stop Bullying, Restrictions & Personal, Social & Financial Limitations Now!

What if I said that by changing your attitude toward seeming victimization could make future victimization impossible? It is true that we can make it virtually impossible for others to hurt us.

But we can only do this when we understand reality and respond appropriately.

By appropriately, I mean the ways I am teaching.

Do You Have a Problem in one of these areas?

An unsatisfying job.
• Controlling people or agencies.
• Relationships that are problematic.
• Low wages or lack of money.
• Bullying or degrading treatment.
• Internal or external barriers to success.

If so, you may be surprised at what the answer to these problems is.

Imagine if the most fun way to live your life was the most responsible and best way to solve these problems? That is what I have discovered and that is what I explain in the Key.

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