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Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-3387-128What Is Synchronicity? How Thoughts & Emotions Create Synchronistic Events — Inner Self & Inner Reality

Generate Synchronistic Events: By Proper Focus of Attention


Consciousness as a form of matter

How is it possible to create synchronistic events?

How-to-Create-Synchronistic-Events-With-Thoughts-inner-self-ew87-240Look around you and what do you see? You see people, events and physical objects. But what is really there is an INTERCONNECTED sea of energy as quantum mechanics points out.

But how exactly are we connected to everything that seems outside of self?

Many authors would rather wrap the truth in packages of myth passed down through history, but this is not going to advance you to the level of true power.

The subconscious, as powerful as it is, is a step away from an even more powerful agency. Beyond the subconscious is a greater and more valuable source of power. This source of power is unlike the subconscious and more like the conscious mind, although much more intelligent and aware.

This agency is like a neglected magic genie ready to grant your wishes. It is not situated in an area limited by time constraints as we are.

The subconscious connects us to an even deeper level where creation takes place. This deeper level is where events are formed. It is here that your inner self is connected to the inner selves of all other people.

The inner reality where creation takes place is a psychological field connecting us to everything in the universe. From within this infinite field of consciousness telepathic connections extend to all people.

Your inner self and the inner self of others who are interested in participating in a potential synchronistic event will plan events at this level. The inner self literally has meetings with people who could fulfill your wish.

If you want to create a synchronistic event, use affirmations to affirm it has already happened and use metaphysical principles pre-live the desired event. Look for synchronistic events. Expect them.


What is a thought?

Understand the inherent power of your thoughts

You amplify the power of your thoughts when you keep in mind certain facts. It is most advantageous for you to internalize the fact that matter and thoughts are the same thing. From this simple emotional understanding comes power.


What is the secret to manifesting money?

When I was in grade school I used to say, “I like my lucky when the sun comes out.” Sunshine, perfect spring mornings, warmth and love all have distinct positive feelings associated with them. Receiving money does too.

manifesting-money-nature-155Generate all these kinds of positive feelings to make equally good things happen. The feeling of expecting delightful surprises manifests the same. That feeling of beautiful sunshine combined with emotional memories of finding money and the expectation of finding more was what I called “my lucky.” I would look around the ground where people often dropped money with the expectation and feeling of finding more first and foremost in my mind.

I would even project the expectation someone lost money and of arriving in the right area at the right time to find it. (All time is simultaneous, and so we need to create “past” events to make present events possible.) One time at a laundromat I told my mother who was driving our car not to leave. I said that the person I was looking at was going to drop money and drive away. The person dropped a five dollar bill, which was a lot for a ten-year-old. My mother was amazed and said “how did you know she was going to do that?” I said “I just did.”

Manifesting-money-a1-257Adults cannot always do what I am describing here because of conflicting beliefs about what is or is not possible, and contrary expectations, doubts and negative emotions. There is a lot of experience that adults call up whenever they think about a subject. Ideas like “that can’t happen,” or “it never works that way for me,” will always be attached to propositions. Fear and resentment can siphon off accumulating positive energies before they have a chance to manifest as good fortune. As a child I would naturally not project doubts and negative ideas the way adults typically do.

money-manifester-268To manifest money as an adult you need to have all your beliefs in alignment. Every time you think “I don’t have enough money,” or “it is difficult to make money at this,” or feel frustrated at not having enough you subtract money from your inner bank account. Create thoughts and feelings of having money to make deposits into your inner account. In time that inner reserve will manifest for you.

You can gather all your best feelings together and amplify and direct them. Do this while generating the expectation of acquisition and you have a formula that will work. You can project that you will get everything right and all conditions will be right, and everything will fall together.

Manifesting-money-easily-177To manifest like a wizard, it’s like being a conductor in an orchestra. You are orchestrating and projecting emotional energies and expectation to create events and objects.

As a child I would generate an emotional feeling of expecting to find money. When I was in areas around pay phones or under decks I expected to find money. I would remember all the times I found money in the past and the feelings I had as I was discovering it. I would relive those moments emotionally. Then I would imagine finding even more. I would picture it on the ground or in the return change slot of the payphone.

Just thinking about those areas where I found money put me on the right wavelength. As if by magic good luck what I wanted most would appear before me. When I was young sunshine meant sunny feelings. I liked my lucky when the sun came out.

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Your intuition senses approaching  synchronicity

Intuition is the conscious mind sensing what the subconscious knows about the environment.

However, not all the information transmitted to you through the subconscious is coming from the world around you. This is what our sciences and textbooks are missing entirely.

The subconscious is an in-between zone

It is a connective field. But what exactly does it connect us to? On this end it is connected to our mind. Telepathically it connects us to the environment, but what else does it connect us to? What is on the other side? That is the million-dollar question.

The subconscious is a threshold to even deeper levels which are actively producing physical reality.

What is the subconscious?

The physical world is a finished product

Reality is formed by the inner self on inner levels of reality. Event building is not done in the subconscious.

Many self-improvement authors are correct to commend the subconscious, but that is not where all the action is. Your beliefs, assumptions, thoughts and emotions are literally transformed into matter, but this happens at a level below the subconscious.

Deeper portions of your mind literally build events from scratch from within inner reality. Electromagnetic impulses travelling out from the inner self carry instructional codes to build up a three-dimensional hologram and synchronistic events.

How Reality is Formed

Synchronistic events are a product of deliberate actions on the part of an aware conscious mind much like your surface ego, but far more acute. Understanding that you build events at this level gives you a better understanding of how you create synchronistic events.

Contemplate this inner reality where you create events and try to sense it. The better acquainted you are with this level and function the better you will be at using intuition and willing synchronistic events.


Why don’t scientists believe that mind forms matter?

Many top physicists do know that mind forms matter. It is the rest of science, media and the world who do not want to listen to what they are saying.

Max Planck

Max Planck, Nobel Prize winning father of quantum mechanics says, “I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.”  — The Observer, 1/25/1931.

Max Tegmark of MIT

Click on the “Max Tegmark of MIT” button below to see current official confirmation from a respected physicist in the scientific community that matter is a state of consciousness.

Consciousness Is a State of Matter: Max Tegmark (MIT) Matter Wave

The official scientific establishment as a whole does not want to admit consciousness creates matter. There is a reason why.

Early scientific instruments could not measure consciousness or quantum activity. Scientists could not prove or disprove anything about consciousness, and so they eventually assumed consciousness had nothing to do with bottom-rung reality, without proving it did not. Eventually science as a whole took the official stance that consciousness had nothing to do with bedrock reality.

To go against the materialistic view that was adopted by the world is to threaten the entire worldview and authority of science.

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“Few realize mind forms matter because the worldview of educators, the legal and medical establishment, media and society, is based on the consensus that comes from the bias scientific establishment rather than individual physicists.


Myths that can hold you back

Myths-materialism-consciousness-primary-flatworlders-2152-150There are collective myths by which we interpret our reality. These myths are obstacles to creating what you want in life. The myths are given to us by experts because that is what they went to school to learn.

The only truth you will get from highly educated people comes from a few great intellectuals which the establishment won’t dare attack, like Einstein and Max Planck.

Global consciousness study

Remove the great myths of modern man from your mind to more easily create what you want like dramatic financial windfalls.

There are collective myths by which we interpret our reality. These myths are obstacles to manifestation ability.

Remove the great myths of modern man from your mind to more easily create what you want like dramatic financial windfalls..


There is no such thing as cause and effect except as applied to psychological activity. The past does not create the present, your thoughts and emotions do.

Mind-over-matter-power-0482-250Quantum mechanics tells us that the universe is not built out of physical electrons like bricks in a house, but instead is a continuing projection of energy like light coming out of a light bulb. Photons shoot by you at the speed of light. Your environment is created in the same way.

Each pulse of light creates a hologram we experience as the physical reality around us. Each pulse, however, is a complete recreation. The past does not create the present. The entire universe is recreated every fraction of a second, and it is a projection of your mind.

The past does not exist, only a spacious present exists and what you think is the past is a portion of the spacious present. Your present beliefs, thoughts and emotions regulate and control the content of each pulse that recreates the universe every fraction of a second.

Because of our belief in time and consistency of thought there is a consistency in what is projected. Our environment will change gradually as our thoughts do, and this gives us an impression of moving through time. This is a false notion, however.

To get back to the main point, when you free yourself of the myth of materialism you realize that anything can be created simply by changing your beliefs, thoughts and emotions. If you transcend the myth of physical cause and effect and replace it with the concept of thought projection in a spacious present your mind is twice as able to create a windfall.

You must free yourself from conceptions of time-space limitations to become free to manifest what you want

To create a windfall, change your belief system and dwell on thoughts and feelings of receiving a windfall..


There is no past or future, there is an infinite, spacious present. You draw probabilities out of this vast source of events by what you think and feel.

Cause and effect applies only to inner subjective activity. Your thoughts are the cause, and your life is the effect. Change your thinking and you change your life.

Where do I get affirmations?


The most powerful visualization procedure is posted about every seven days.

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