Manifesting Principles: How Do I Use Imagination, Desire, Willpower & Resolve to Manifest Success?


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Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-128How to Manifest Success. 

Manifesting Principles. How Do I Use Imagination, Desire, Willpower & Resolve to Manifest Success?

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Manifest Money & Prosperity.

I manifested a $20 bill today

If I can literally manifest money, you can manifest money. This is the 11th $20 bill I manifest this summer.

A few months back I found a bank deposit envelope with $80 in it and no identification. A few weeks ago I found five $20 bills folded together.

Metaphysics-manifesting-twenty-dollar-bills-money-cash-195Today I was focusing on the last time I found $120 and how I felt when I found it. As I was walking to the bank I closed my eyes and was visualizing $20 bills.

When I opened my eyes a folded and partially crumpled bill came into vision. First I recognized the color of money, then I looked for the denomination, and because it was a little crumpled it took a few seconds before I realized that I was looking at the number two on a twenty dollar bill.

I quickly picked it up and put it in my pocket, visually scanning the city street for more. I text my sister whom I was with when I found $120, and told her. She text me back “Good work.”

I want to mention that I was thinking about all forms of prosperity this morning. It is perfect summer weather and a beautiful day near the ocean in New London, CT. It seems that the more positive thoughts you have the more likely it is that you will be able to manifest specific things like money.

I will try to add more content on this and what I am doing as I have time to do so.




How can I use my mind to materialize what I want?

Create what you want in belief, thought and emotion. Believe, visualize and imagine you already have it. Focus on desires and work toward them. Trust your intuition and impulses. Your inner self directs you through impulses.

Can I use my mind to manifest money?

Yes, Absolutely! Project yourself into a successful future. Create the thoughts and feelings you would have if you already had wealth. By creating the reality you desire mentally you create that as a inner probability. You increase desire every time you think about it, and eventually the intensity of desire brings it into physical form.

Picture yourself receiving money. See the amount you want in your hands. Feel the reality of having it. Remain positive and determined. Learn metaphysics and manifesting techniques.

Manifesting with Confidence, Determination, Conviction and Resolve. 

Your ability to manifest anything is related to confidence. When you are filled with an invisible atmosphere of confidence and strength it is as if the universe responds. Confidence, clarity of vision, determination and resolve to succeed all converge to make things go your way.

Probabilities are Formed on Inner Levels.

Events are formed within inner reality before they manifest physically. Within this inner reality your inner self forms very definite events in your future. What it creates is always in line with your beliefs, focus and intention.

If you are intending success and believe you can be successful, your inner self will set up future events in which what you envision will be realized physically.

MANIFESTING-Willpower-Resolve-to-Manifest-o-225Within this inner reality there are no obstructions to manifestation of your desires. In outer reality, however, you must maintain confidence in what you want to create during the time between when you conceive of an idea and its eventual manifestation.

If at any point in time you waver in your confidence that you can achieve what you want, that can create static in inner reality and delay or even derail the events that would otherwise be forthcoming.

If you hold a strong belief in your work and ability, and continue striving in the right direction, very definite fortunate events will materialize. These will seem to be coincidences or good luck, but they are synchronistic events that lead to success which are a result of your faith, trust, belief and consistency of resolve.

The lesson: Develop confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve what you want. Confidence and conviction impels the mind and body to succeed.

Maintain confidence at all times. You can do it if you believe you can.

Determination and resolve to create the life you dare to imagine!

Where there’s a will there’s a way.
— Albert Einstein.

Think Quality & Think Big.

Do not settle for mediocrity or less than the perfect life or destiny. There is truth to the saying that fortune favors the bold. Act confidently and boldly and inner forces will come to your support.

Become an expert at doing the “impossible” or things that others think cannot be done. Are you going to mimic ten million others, or are you going to be an individual?

Individuality is strength. Individuals are leaders.

Transfer the Feeling of Success.

Transfer the feeling of success and victory from one area to another.

MANIFESTING-How-to-Use-Imagination-Desire-Willpower-Manifest-SuccessAs I have said elsewhere, you can take notice of how you feel in areas of your life that are working and transfer that feeling to areas where you are having problems. A feeling of victory in one area can be transferred it to another area where you have not been getting the results you want.

Emotional States Attached to Beliefs Form Attitudes.

Beliefs are thoughts with conviction behind them. Beliefs generate your thoughts and emotions. If you feel discouraged or unable to continue it is a result of a belief. You don’t have to believe anything that makes you feel bad.

If you feel discouraged or upset affirm that you do not accept the belief behind and generating that emotion.

One of the great myths that do many in is the idea that other people can prevent your success or dream from manifesting. That is only true unless you believe it. If you believe it you generate the emotion that suggests that is what is happening. That emotion then manifests its corresponding reality.

The other person may then seem to prevent your success. However, is was the emotion you put out that said it was happening that created the unfortunate event that derailed you.

Misery attached to the belief that you are being restricted by unkind people who render you powerless can result in a bad attitude and a self-fulfilling prophecy. Remind yourself that is your own thinking and emotion that will manifest, and no other person can force you to think or feel in any specific way.

Positive emotional states are connected to positive beliefs. If you want to move into a million-dollar dream home and you believe the money will be there you will be of an inspired and positive attitude.

You must hold this attitude consistently until the house you want manifests. The bigger the goal the longer you may need to wait.

Be prepared to wait a long time if necessary, and to stay focused and working toward the goal with ample faith in the outcome.

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