How I Create My Reality: Using Affirmations with Positive Thinking to Manifest Goals

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Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-128Affirmations & Suggestion.

How to Manifest Goals Using Affirmations. Positive Thinking to Create an Improved Reality.

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Introduction & Guidelines for Using Affirmations.

Introduction & Guidelines for Using Affirmations

Directing Energy.

I am proving you with a sample of my daily affirmations here (directly below). I am using this particular daily post here because I hope to convey an important point — what metaphysics is all about. In doing affirmations you are directing energy that is alive. You are doing this all the time simply by having thoughts and emotions. But you can bring this process to a new level. You can direct and manipulate intense positive energy in new, much more effective ways.

You can draw on far greater energy than you may usually do and direct it in highly beneficial and positive ways. The energy you move more effectively in this way will work wonders in all aspects of your life. If you do this in the right way you will evoke powerful positive changes and transitions in your life, even bringing about an entirely new reality if that is what you want.

Imagine all the players in your life and a new and unexpected turn of events. Close your eyes when you are ready to do this and reach out to these people’s inner spirits and your inner self within the inner level of reality where these spirits reside. This realm is within you. Just sense the spiritual source of your life or everything within you. When you can evoke the right frame of mind, say affirmations like these.


Today’s Affirmations & Guidance for Your Success.


Life is beautiful, and I recognize an focus on all that is beautiful. Let these words be your bright spot in the course of today’s events.

Today’s Affirmations

  • The best chapter of my life is happening now.
  • I am moving into a very positive period of my life.
  • Unforeseen remarkable developments are occurring.
  • The light of the inner spiritual self is beaming down on me at all times.
  • I control my destiny by projecting positive energy.
  • By tapping into the unlimited light-energy of the universe and inner self I am able to ride the currents of positive energy where they want to go into positive new events in my life.
  • The most beautiful events from heaven are manifesting now.
  • All things that are good are coming into my life now.
  • My life is now an inflow of extremely positive unexpected and unforeseen developments.
  • Everything I am experiencing is a positive turn of events.

Today’s Guidance

To really do a good job with affirmations we can add life to them. Bring them alive and they will work amazingly well. You can even create miracles this way. Life or consciousness is light. The way to connect with positive spiritual consciousness and the inner self is by imagining a brilliant inner light like the sun beaming down on you.

You know what it is like to be sitting in the sun or laying on a beach towel in bright summer sunlight. You know what brilliant blue skies and bright sunny days feel like. You know what the best times of your life feel like. Bring all these positive factors together and imagine they are literally in the light beaming down on you.

What you are doing with affirmations is manipulating light. Light is the life-force. Imagine this light is alive and intelligent, and that this light cares for you and can do anything you want. Imagine your affirmations are composed of life-energy itself — living spiritual energy that wants to do good for yourself and others.


Life is beautiful, and I recognize an focus on all that is beautiful. Let these words be your bright spot in the course of today’s events.

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How I create my reality using affirmations & positive thinking.

I talk to myself in my head all day long. Like others, I have a thought about every three seconds. This is the suggestion that creates my reality.

Therefore, I am very concerned about each and every thought and emotion.

I know that whatever I tell myself is true in my head is what I create. I also know that my beliefs manifest. The objective is to change beliefs and life-patterns that are manifesting the problems and limitations I am trying to overcome.

Usually what I tell myself is true is slightly different than what I believe. Like everyone, I have fears and doubts. My constant affirmations combat these fears and doubts. To some extent my positive thinking even changes the underlying beliefs that are generating those fears and doubts.

When I tell myself I am going to have more money I do manifest more money. It was not always that way, however. I had to be extremely assertive in using affirmations for many years before I got to the point I am at now. And I am still challenged.

Affirmations and positive thinking always works, but the results vary from person to person depending on their beliefs. If you have always had plenty of money your beliefs around money are good enough that any affirmations should bring immediate results.

However, if you have been struggling for years you probably have to be very forceful in how you change your thinking and use affirmations. You will have to change your self-talk for a longer period of time before you see significant or outstanding results.

I have a whole host of beliefs that have a bearing on how quickly my positive thoughts will manifest. And I have worked on my beliefs for years.

I make an effort to appreciate every little advance I make. I keep these advances in mind as I affirm I am making great progress in all areas.  If I am able to apply this positive approach in all areas all day long I get really good results.

It used to be that disturbing events would offset my positive affirmations. I would still get results, but I because had long-standing patterns, beliefs and fears that manifest, I felt I was limited in how much good I could manifest.

I think that this is a typical problem that other people have too. I wanted more results than I could get, and the progress was slow at times. I had to grow out of this.

But I didn’t do it by giving in to negativity. I always fought the negative in life as aggressively as I could, and in every way I knew how.

You may be able to get better results than I did, or you may also have to grow out of your old patterns.

When growing out of old beliefs and patterns, the progress can be slow initially. Then there will be times when reality shifts for the better.

Entire negative portions of your life will fall away. Limitations that you always took for granted will suddenly be gone.

The first time this happens it’s a big deal. It’s a rare occurrence long overdue and you will celebrate whatever it is that is leaving your life.

If you keep going there will be more times like this. Your life circumstances will shift for the better. From each point this happens you will be operating at a slightly higher level.

Eventually you get to the point where amazing things are happening constantly. The challenge is then to accept it. It is easy to accept success in the mind, but when it is real it can be scary. Change can be a challenge.

There is always a tendency to fall back to the old way.

Earlier in my life I accepted limitations and negatives as being a part of myself. Limitations are often connected to our identity. We are used to our problems and challenges. They are comforting. When they are all taken away and we are successful we are in an alien world, and it takes some getting used to.


Physicists now know that matter is consciousness.

The events of your life are a manifestation of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

When a person learns that their thoughts create their reality they quickly realize how great an opportunity they have to change their self and life by changing their thinking. Affirmations are the way they change their thinking. Affirmations are a tool to direct thinking, and that thinking then materializes as action (events), matter (objects) and a new self (Beliefs, intelligence, thoughts, attitudes and behaviors).

Affirmations are the tool of choice to manage your beliefs, thoughts and emotions and thus life. What you implant with affirmations becomes your physical reality.

As you get up in the morning you can affirm, “I am going to have a good day today.” Affirming the day will be good is a powerful way to make it so, (the day can only be what you think it is).

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a statement (of intended belief) repeated verbally or mentally.

The simplicity and repetition conditions the mind to accept the statement as a belief.

An example of a good affirmation with the proper length: I now receive my good from expected and unexpected sources. A short affirmation I like to use: Good things are happening. Another one: People like me, and I like people. A long one: I am receiving greater and greater amounts of money from more and more expected and unexpected sources. Or: Everything necessary to the full and complete expressions of the most boundless experience of joy is mine now. Or: I have complete faith that these principles are working powerfully, directly and specifically at all times in my life.

Note: Some of these affirmations may have come from Science of Mind.

What is the purpose of an affirmation?

An affirmation is your control panel to change or improve everything ― all aspects of your life and yourself. Once you believe what the affirmation is saying it begins to manifest as events, objects, behavior (or as new components of your body or self if it is about you).

Some benefits are instantaneous. When you say, “I am strong,” and feel or believe it, you are instantaneously stronger. When you say, “I have all the money I could ever need or want,” the percent chance of the probability of receiving more increases instantaneously by a specific amount. When someone asks you how you are doing, and your reply, “good,” you instantaneously feel good. If you don’t fully believe what you are affirming, or if your mind is distracted you may have an opposite effect or no effect at all.

Affirmations are also called suggestion.

Suggestion directs and creates all matter, and it can have a hypnotic effect on all aspects of perception. Action (the movement of energy in all its forms) is controlled by suggestion.

Visualizing and affirming something at the same time is more effective than doing one or the other.

Some people will see a weather forecast, visualize rain, and affirm they are going to feel miserable. Such a person will probably create misery even if it does not rain.

The beliefs, thoughts and emotions of people in any geographical area affect the weather and natural conditions. An unstable or upset populate can bring about natural disasters.

The point is, however, that you are already using visualization and affirmations to form your life. Look at how you engage in self-talk and try to be more conscious of what you are telling yourself is or is not true. Notice how that suggestion creates moods and manifests. Plan a new theme and script for your life and implement it through self-talk.

How-I-Create-My-Reality-Using-Affirmations-Thinking-250Your life is a result of suggestion. Every day all day long you carry on a silent conversation with yourself in your head. Most of it consists of statements of belief, this or that is or is not so… true… right…etc. Telling yourself what is true or false is how you form or maintain your beliefs. Beliefs determined thoughts and emotions, and all three create your reality.

Affirmations are metal suggestions that once internalized as a belief, manifest as events or objects.

Your reaction to what happens to you determines what will happen next.

Great opportunity to change your life is present in every reaction to every event.

If you spill a glass of milk you can think what a mess and feel aggravated. That’s a typical reaction.  You could also think what an idiot I am, I can never do anything right, this is one of those days where everything is going to go wrong. That reaction will not only hurt you by ruining your day, but it can have a domino effect and cause future problems. If you do not understand metaphysics you might not ever make the connection.

After you spill the milk you could also react by thinking I have so much to be thankful for and so much prosperity that it doesn’t even matter. As you do that you could close your eyes and imagine your refrigerator loaded with every kind of food under the sun. At the same time, you could repeat an affirmation indicating you have all the food you could ever want. You could even affirm you have restaurant grade jumbo lobster tails and caviar.

There is no correct reaction, but ever encounter is an opportunity for you to plant the seeds for new and exciting experiences.

Why not react by using affirmations, visualization and emotion to picture desired results?

If you keep up this kind of practice it will have an extremely powerful effect and will alter your future to the point of having much more and better food than you would otherwise have. If you are doing it right, you are going to feel abundance in the cells and bones of your body. Your thoughts and feelings are going be unstoppable forces that create greater and greater levels of abundance in your life.

Affirmations are your control panel for life.

Positive-Thinking-suggestion-to-Manifest-Goals-Desires-Dreams-pilot-224 Deliberate affirmations usually utilize repetition. When you verbalize something and repeat a statement of belief the repetition multiplies the power of the suggestion exponentially.

Affirmations are a way to take control of your overall thought processes and hence life. Beliefs largely dictate both your thoughts and emotional states, and all three create your reality. Affirmations are powerful because affirmations strengthen or create beliefs. Affirmations focus and harness the mind for a specific purpose. What you focus on, you create more of. You can use affirmations to focus on and hence create what you want in your life.

Like visualization, using affirmations is a skill that is perfected through proper understanding and application. Each belief you hold is supported by other beliefs. If you use affirmations as suggestions to change beliefs, the entire system will react. The mind can react by being defensive and hence bringing up ideas running contrary to what you are affirming.

Observe what happens when applying these principles. Pay attention to your reactions and suggestions. Do you think maybe this will work? Do you think I hope it will work? Or do you think it will work? Continue to learn and expand your knowledge. You can use these tools and principles to create anything you desire. If you say it will work, see it in your mind’s eye, feel it in your bones and repeat it every day, you will create it. This is how you take control of your life and succeed.

Affirmations should be positive, short and simple, and you should focus only on the suggestion and what it feels like to be living the result desired. They should feel natural and believable. Do not try to force yourself to believe something, just repeat it in your head. It is the repetition that the subconscious responds to.

Repeated affirmations are the first and best way to take control of your thinking and life. Simple, effective and powerful, they can transform any aspect of your life. Professionals in all fields use affirmations. Affirmations should be an automatic and natural feature of your mental life.

This is how habits are formed. But it is also how matter and a life are shaped and directed by consciousness. Affirmations are your control panel for life.

How I Create My Reality: Using Affirmations with Positive Thinking to Manifest Goals.

Copyright © 2018, By: William Eastwood.

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How I Create My Reality: Using Affirmations with Positive Thinking to Manifest Goals.




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