What’s the Solution to All My Problems? Answer to Personal & Mankind’s Collective Problems: Social, Violence, War,  Poverty & Illness


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What’s the Solution to All My Problems? Answer to Personal & Mankind’s Collective Problems: Social, Violence, War,  Poverty & Illness

The Solution to All Your Problems Is Easy


The Solution to All Your Problems.  The Solution to Poverty.  The Solution to Crime.  The Solution to Social Problems.  The Solution to All Humanity’s Problems.

There is an Easy Answer

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a kind of magical solution to all your problems? There is, and I am not pitching a religion or cult.

If you seek love, money, freedom, or something very vital and important to you, and are willing to get “The Solution,” it will change your destiny! It is a truly amazing way to create the best reality for you!

I created an amazing book to show you exactly how to create the best possible life! “The Solution” tells you why everything is the way it is, and it has all the tips and tricks you will ever need to know to create your great life now!

You can easily create whatever you want in life


Einstein’s Relativity means more than we realize. Controlling what happens next in your life is easy once you understand how time and space really work.

You do not progress in one world from birth to death. You are actually in a field of unlimited probabilities projecting who you think you are into the physical movie we call life.

Know who you are

It is time for us all to realize the beautiful nature of who and what we are..To have the  love and relationships you desire most, or to manifest your most desired fantasy requires only a simple awareness of how you actually create the events of your life.

Using your mind as it was meant to be used allows you to create exactly what you want on a daily basis. The mind is designed to attract and manifest that which is first acquired in imagination. The idea is to obtain your desire in imagination, but not with the dominant feeling of need, want or desperation.

When you fill your mind with thoughts and feelings of exactly what you want with the thanksgiving of already having it you create it. I have found love and success this way. I even manifested eleven twenty-dollar bills on this street in the summer of 2018, simply by focusing on the feeling of finding money.

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