SYNCHRONICITY, INNER SELF & REALITY: How to Create Synchronistic Events with Thoughts


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How to Create Synchronistic Events. Your Thoughts, the Inner Self & Inner Reality.



SYNCHRONICITY, INNER SELF & REALITY: How to Create Synchronistic Events with Thoughts.

To grasp how you can create synchronistic events it is most advantageous for you to understand that matter and thoughts are the same thing. From this simple perspective common sense tells you all you need to know.

Consciousness as a form of matter

What is a thought?

How do I create synchronistic events?

Look around you and what do you see? You see people, events and physical objects. But what is really there is an INTERCONNECTED sea of energy as quantum mechanics points out.

But how exactly are we connected to everything that seems outside of self?

Many authors would rather wrap the truth in packages of myth passed down through history, but this is not going to advance you to the level of true power.

The subconscious, as powerful as it is, is a step away from an even more powerful agency. Beyond the subconscious is a greater and more valuable source of power. This source of power is unlike the subconscious and more like the conscious mind, although much more intelligent and aware.

This agency is like a neglected magic genie ready to grant your wishes. It is not situated in an area limited by time constraints as we are.

The subconscious connects us to an even deeper level where creation takes place. This deeper level is where events are formed. It is here that your inner self is connected to the inner self of all other people.

The inner reality where creation takes place is a psychological field connecting us to everything in the universe. From within this infinite field of consciousness telepathic connections extend to all people.

Your inner self and the inner self of others who are interested in participating in a potential synchronistic event will plan events at this level. The inner self literally has meetings with people who could fulfill your wish.

If you want to create a synchronistic event, use affirmations to affirm it has already happened and use metaphysical principles pre-live the desired event. Look for synchronistic events. Expect them.

Your intuition tells you what synchronistic events are coming.

Intuition is the conscious mind sensing what the subconscious knows about the environment.

However, not all the information transmitted to you through the subconscious is coming from the world around you. This is what our sciences and textbooks are missing entirely.

The subconscious is an in-between zone.

It is a connective field. But what exactly does it connect us to? On this end it is connected to our mind. Telepathically it connects us to the environment, but what else does it connect us to? What is on the other side? That is the million-dollar question.

The subconscious is a threshold to even deeper levels which are actively producing physical reality.

What is the subconscious?

The physical world is a finished product.

Reality is formed by the inner self on inner levels of reality. Event building is not done in the subconscious.

Many self-improvement authors are correct to commend the subconscious, but that is not where all the action is. Your beliefs, assumptions, thoughts and emotions are literally transformed into matter, but this happens at a level below the subconscious.

Deeper portions of your mind literally build events from scratch from within inner reality. Electromagnetic impulses travelling out from the inner self carry instructional codes to build up a three-dimensional hologram and synchronistic events.

How Reality is Formed

Synchronistic events are a product of deliberate actions on the part of an aware conscious mind much like your surface ego, but far more acute. Understanding that you build events at this level gives you a better understanding of how you create synchronistic events.

Contemplate this inner reality where you create events and try to sense it. The better acquainted you are with this level and function the better you will be at using intuition and willing synchronistic events.What-is-SYNCHRONICITY-How-to-Create-Synchronistic-Events-900


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