Do My Thoughts Create My Reality? How Does Thought Produce Physical Existence & Life?


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Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-128Do My Thoughts Create My Reality?

Do My Thoughts Create My Reality? How Does Thought Produce Physical Existence & Life?


Do My Thoughts Create My Reality?

Why don’t people believe mind forms matter?

People want and need to believe what they were taught, but what they learned is based on fifteenth-century science which Nobel Prize winner’s findings and quantum physics proves wrong.

How can mind form matter?

The entire universe is thought energy. According to laws of physics, when thoughts reach a certain intensity they form matter in the same way water forms ice.

How does mind form matter?

Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create conscious units which grow and combine below your subconscious. When they reach sufficient intensity they manifest as events or objects in your life.

How Does Thought Produce Physical Existence & Life?

You create your reality in the same basic manner you speak words.

You express yourself in many ways.  You may play a musical instrument or sport. When you speak, your words are a form of expression. Your activities at work and home are also expression. Making love or dinner is expression. But these are actually forms of one primary form of expression.

Your life itself is a physical expression of the inner state of your mind. Your life in all its aspects is an automatic expression of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

When you think you automatically generate conscious units which then automatically materialize as events and objects in your life. Everything in your life is an expression of your thinking and emotions.

You don’t know how you think, you just do. And when you think you create objects and events. This is the primary way you express who and what you are.

Thinking comes first and reality and events follow. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions automatically form consciousness units in the same way your intent to communicate forms words.

The process is as effortless and automatic as speaking.

Creating is an automatic byproduct of thinking.

Your primary expression is automatic & faith-driven.

Nor do you know how your subconscious assemblies all the right words when you want to communicate an idea to someone. You often begin a sentence without even knowing how you will finish it.

The process by which you create physical events is similarly mysterious and driven by faith. You don’t know how you think, beat your heart or breath, but you can count on those processes and the process by which your thoughts create your reality.

These subconscious processes are all driven by a basic inner faith you possess. This is a faith in yourself and reality.

Like other automatic processes found in nature, a deep inner faith within all consciousness drives the creation process.

Thought-creates-your-thoughts-create-physical-reality-everything-780The faith or belief that makes anything possible, is part of a greater faith that pervades consciousness itself. You can observe this faith working in many areas of your life.

In the same way your heart beats automatically, your subjective experience is materialized into three-dimensional reality. The process of beliefs, thoughts and emotions materializing as physical objects and events is as automatic as the process by which the body converts food into blood and energy, or the sun generates photons of light.

When you begin a sentence, you have faith you will be able to finish it, and so you do. You create your physical reality in the same way you create thoughts and words, and faith and confidence in your ability to do so helps you to create smoothly.

You create matter in the same way you create normal speech. Instead of controlling a flow of words with your intent to communicate a concept to someone, your thoughts generate and control a flow of conscious units.

Your intents generate a flow of consciousness units below the range of matter. 


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The flow & creation of conscious units.

Thinking is a process by which thoughts come into your mind from deep within you. The flow of thoughts you are thinking are a flow of consciousness energy units. Each thought you have controls the flow of these units and generates additional units.

These units are literally prematter. They are the substance of events and objects that will later materialize in your life.

Prematter events only manifest if they reach a certain intensity threshold and if conditions permit manifestation. Your level of expectation, faith, confidence, vividness of thought and imagination determine intensity.

Strong emotional content is also a primary factor that adds to overall intensity of prematter thoughtforms that evolve below the range of matter.

Consistency of thought and degree of focus also add to intensification, hence leading thoughtforms toward manifestation.

These units of consciousness are universal. Units of consciousness are emitted from all forms of consciousness.

All components of the unbroken field of energy that composes the entire fabric of reality contain consciousness. Hence, everything releases conscious units.

These units then form the entire physical dimension and all action within it.

The production of physical reality is a cooperative event of massive proportions and complexity. The trees outside your house and even inert matter generate these units.

These units are many millions of times smaller than electrons.

Your thoughts and emotions generate and direct these units, causing them to coalesce into the atoms and molecules that make up your body and environment. Your environment is an extension of what you are, your thoughts manifest.

In a way, you speak your life with your thoughts.

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Your reality is a projection of your senses.

Each person projects their reality with their five senses that then perceive that reality. This is like viewing a superlative hologram like a movie you enter into rather than look at from the outside.

The channel the movie is playing on is one of many. If you turn on your TV, you can select from may channels. All those stations are in the air blanketing the earth, and your TV set can pick them up.

How-thought-creates-physical-reality-235You can then select the channel you want to watch. In the same way, your life is on one channel of many that are also playing but of which you are not tuned into.

As you don’t see the individuals within those other channels, they don’t see you. They are in the same space as you but are tuned into a different frequency.

All these realities are connected through incredibly small channels that double as sources of great energy.

Coordination points.

Coordination points exist in the air around you. There could be several in the room you are in, for example.

Jane Robert’s Seth books described these vortex-like sources of energy as coordination points that exist everywhere but are greater or lesser depending on both physical location and time and date.

Thought-creates-physical-reality-236People can sense them through intuition as high-energy areas. Big cities and vibrant fauna may indicate a healthy source of energy through particularly potent “coordination points.”

When your thoughts or emotions are intense enough they activate the nearest coordination point. The coordination point then adds energy to the thought or emotion and this helps to propel the thought or emotion into matter more quickly.

The coordination points add energy to your thoughtforms and help organize and propel them into matter. You therefore need to be more careful what you think in areas of high coordinate activity. In these areas both negative and positive thoughts and emotions will be propelled into matter more quickly.

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Do My Thoughts Create My Reality? How Does Thought Produce Physical Existence & Life?

© Copyright 2018, By: William Eastwood.

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Do my thoughts create my reality? How does thought produce physical existence & life?

When you think you automatically generate conscious units which then automatically materialize as events and objects in your life.




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