Men & Women Are the Same: The Cause of Violence, War, Terrorism, Crime & Cruelty in Humanity


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Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-128Men & Women Are Fundamentally the Same.

The Cause of Violence, War, Terrorism, Crime & Cruelty in Humanity. (Read Entire Article.)

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The Psychological Differences are Learned.

We have based our civilization on the differences between males and females, when in fact those differences are insignificant. The similarities are far greater. However, because we expect boys and girls to be different and raise them to be there are obvious differences. These differences are primarily cultural.

There is an underlying reason why civilization has stressed the differences between males and females. It has to do with the development of our unique type of consciousness.

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Developing Self-Consciousness.

Tens of thousands of years ago the race made the decision to develop self-consciousness, evolving beyond the animals. This involved stepping apart from the rest of nature by developing self-consciousness that see itself as separated from nature and others.

This is the main point, that there was a deliberate decision on the level of the collective subconscious to move in this direction. I cannot prove it or give you evidence, but if you continue to study what I am saying the pieces will begin to fall in place. Once that happens you will understand  a lot more, including why the psychological differences we believe exist between males and females came about.

Our type of consciousness is unique. It did not exist in the past in the same way it does now. This is a difficult subject to explain because in recent centuries science and psychology have closed the door to any understanding at all.

Early humans experienced themselves differently than we do now. Our awareness was similar to that of the animals.

connected-to-everything-300Early man experienced himself as being connected to everything. Identity included more than it does now. Perception was too broad and democratic to allow for a sense of individuality.

Our natural environment, plants and animals were felt to be extensions of self. Our consciousness now is walled off or restricted in a way it was not in the distant past. Currently, professionals do not realize the natural mobility of consciousness.

Individuality and ego-type consciousness, our particular type of awareness, did not and could not exist in this state of all-encompassing awareness. Eventually it was created, obviously. But this was not done by expanding perception, or an evolution to a more advanced stage of awareness. It was instead achieved by limiting rather than expanding perception.

Separation is the term I use to describe the process of reduction necessary to create the new form of awareness that would come to be known as the familiar consciousness of self we possess and perceive the world through now.

At the same time, we have limited perception to the confines of self and body, we have expanded awareness to include the past. Early man, like the animals, did not appreciate time the way we do now. There was no point of reflection and ability to summon specific memories.

Time does not really exist, because many probable and still evolving “past” events are actually components of the spacious present. But in order for me to explain separation I have to use the concept of time to make my point.



Separation from nature and nature’s source created our particular form of consciousness. The way our type of consciousness perceives reality is through a sense of separation, boundaries, borders and limits.

When we are infants we experience our mother as an extension of ourselves because it is more correct to view reality as an extension of self than not to. It is more natural to include more in one’s sense of self.

To develop a sharp and distinct perception as we have now required a focus that did not previously exist. Ego consciousness is a result of focusing and limiting perception, of drawing it in.

Does-homosexuality-mean-that-men-and-women-identical-259When we separated perceptually from the rest of nature we could no longer directly experience the pleasures and pains of others. If we hurt someone we would no longer feel the pain, and we would no longer realize that in hurting another we were hurting ourselves.

The process of separation lasted many thousands of years.  Many of humanity’s problems are a result of a sense of separation.

No longer is nature experienced as an intimate extension of self. Separation meant other people and life would no longer be experienced as self.  Now we could harm other people and exploit our environment without feeling the cry of pain and objection.

The Underlying Real Reason for Climate Change

In separation we desensitized ourselves. The ego has become overdeveloped. This is the problem we have now, and with males in particular. We have become selfish.

The truth of the matter is that the Human Psyche is a Repository of Male & Female Characteristics. Each person is a human first and foremost. Each person then develops whatever traits serve them best from this bank of male and female psychological characteristics.

Exaggerated Male Qualities.

So-called male qualities are “thrusting out” qualities. Male qualities of consciousness are simply those qualities that separate us from the whole. In order for the race to develop self-consciousness it had to stress and encourage the so-called male attributes of consciousness and perception.

This is why we became known as “MAN” kind. The race stressed the male characteristics as superior in order to separate so that a new type of consciousness would develop.

What I am saying is that the race made a decision to develop in this direction, which I am aware goes against traditional science. It is a new concept for many.

Does-homosexuality-mean-that-men-and-women-the-same-similar-259Currently the race is in trouble because it has taken separation too far. The male qualities are still being considered superior or stressed, and this no longer serves humanity’s purposes.

Our self-consciousness we set out to develop is secure, and now it is imperative that we allow for the re-acquisition of so-called female qualities in the male sex and the so-called male qualities in the female sex.

Exaggerated “Male” Qualities Cause Many Global Problems.

In many cases, exaggerated so-called male qualities lead to violence, war & terrorism, bullying, greed and conflict.


Males Must Readopt Their Natural So-Called Feminine Psychological Characteristics.

men-women-are-the-same-the-cause-of-violence-war-terrorism-crime-280Evolutionary reintegration would end most conflicts in the world. Most war and strife in history is a result of male-rule societies governed by completely unnatural males.

The first step is to become aware of the inappropriateness of current norms and values.

Trump's & Putin's PATRIARCHAL ERA


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We Must Return to Our Natural Godling State.

To survive we must embrace the “male” in the “female” and the “female” within the “male.” For this to happen we must educate the masses. It must be made known that what we have now is artificial and highly destructive. Experts are currently unaware of what constitutes the natural human. Nor are they aware of the degree of harm caused by imposing false norms and values.

When a man finally recognizes his true nature, he will cease creating his false self and will change his nature.


To liberate humanity and bring about a social climate that allows everyone to realize their intrinsic desires, we must first remove the invisible barriers to success or mind pollution holding us all back. Humanity is being prevented from entering the promised land. We are unknowingly creating a counterfeit human being, ineffective institutions, a destructive social reality, and we lack an understanding of how we create our reality.

We are born as our pure inner self I call the Godling, with its many powers and positive propensities. During our domestication in childhood, however, we internalize our ancestor’s worldview and its projection into matter I call the Collective Dream of the World (CDW). The negative aspects of the CDW I term the pestilence, which is internalized as a parasite, the voice of which is the bad judge prone to do wrong.

The Godling with its positive internal definition and self-talk naturally radiates what I call mental sunshine and spreads it throughout society. The Godling trusts their own goodness, and has great expectations. Godling propensities will bring about an ideal civilization.

The Godling, however, is destroyed by domestication and replaced with the parasite and its negative self-definition and view of human nature.

The parasite degrades others and spreads emotional poison. This is civilization’s current destructive dilemma. This “virus”—imposing our negative definitions and resulting emotional poison via education, domestication, bullying, degrading conversation, excessive controls and regulations, incorrect “justice,” terrorism, etc.—is bringing the entire civilization down.

Assured mutual destruction is the current track of civilization because the majority are degrading and punishing someone (or many) in a perpetual virus of assured mutual destruction.

Our social system, institutions and government tend to restrict us because of an underlying distrust of human nature and related ideas inherent in the CDW. The beliefs and policies of the current president of the United States of America is a perfect example of the destructive effect of what I am going to bring to your attention.

If we cleanse civilization of these ideas and teach the new consciousness science paradigm, trust of human nature and our goodness or Godling nature, a different, more beautiful world than we can now fathom will evolve.

This is an excerpt taken from THE SOLUTION.

THE SOLUTION book review



Our civilization is based on the differences between men and women. We have deliberately exaggerated the differences for 5,000 years, and this is a primary cause of our civilizations’ problems, violence and conflicts.

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Those differences do not basically exist, they are a result of the race deciding to develop in a certain direction, as I explained

men-women-are-the-same-the-cause-of-violence-war-200A more balanced human in which the so-called feminine qualities (intuition, sensitivity, compassion, etc.) were valued and developed in the male would result in different behaviors and values in society, personal life and governments.

The Division is Repeated in Each Individual.

Prior about age 13 both sets of psychological characteristics coexist in harmony and balance. After age 13 the psyche is dissected and divided into two camps.

male-ego-cruelty-200This unnatural division is more pronounced in less-tolerant societies that stress traditional male virtues and restrict expression of affection between males. Societies in which boys are discouraged from expressing love and affection for other boys produce adults more prone to violence and intolerance for the same.

The enculturation process in males in particular can create a gradual hardening and intolerance that can lead to aggression, hatred, bias and ignorance. The resulting psychological state is then noted by psychologists and social experts and is taken as normal to males. It is not normal. But this artificial “normal” is passed down from generation to generation.

men-women-are-the-same-the-cause-of-violence-259Although less pronounced in recent decades there is a political and religious fundamental push in the current administration to return to previous artificial and destructive norms. There is a longing for a return to patriarchal systems of government and family.

The problem of male bullying and school shootings is a result of this artificial division in psychological characteristics.

Tendencies society deems appropriate to sex to which a person belongs are a result of artificial programming.

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The Human Race is at a Critical Juncture.

Trump and Putin represent not just the demise of Democracy, but a regression of civilization itself. By electing Trump, humanity is dangerously flirting with a backward slide into a tribal state belonging to a long-gone era. The result could steer the human race into a development in which consciousness becomes ego-centered and further cut off from its source, resulting in something monstrous.

Patriarchal structures of government and family tend to demand obedience to the male ruler and his laws alone.

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