What is Conscious Evolution? How is Consciousness Created? Where Does Consciousness Come From?

relics depicting what happened in ancient history dividing our psyches in consciousness

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What is Conscious Evolution? How is Consciousness Created? Where Does Consciousness Come From?

Conscious Evolution & an Evolutionary Leapyou-dont-have-to-do-what-you-dont-want-to-do-life-doesnt-work-that-way-bar

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Self-Consciousness & Actual Human Nature

If you have ever observed distorted behavior and thought, this is not right, we should be better than this, you are right, and we are. It’s actually humanity’s beliefs or myths that are causing all the problems.

The true cause of domestic terrorism, gun violence and school shootings.



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You Are a Beautiful Person Key to Freedom

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Human nature during the past five thousand years does not accurately reflect our authentic nature.

Consciousness Shift 5000 + Years Ago

We are changing our views of human nature

We became of the man kind 5,000  + years ago when a shift in consciousness occurred.

With this development came very positive and very negative implications. This development marks the beginning of patriarchal societies  and the kind of problems that plague civilization today, including  conflicts and warring egos and tribes seeking dominance over the others.

The sudden appearance of singular male gods reflect this determined shift in humanity’s consciousness, and marks the introduction of paradigms of human degradation and much more militaristic cultures.

Archaeological Evidence of a Shift in Consciousness

The stress placed on the differences between the sexes began about five thousand years ago. Isolating “male” characteristics in one sex is the cause of a 5,000 year period of violence in humanity’s history. The artificial division and exaggerations underpin most of humanity’s problems.

We have based our civilization on the differences between males and females, when in fact those differences are insignificant. The similarities are far greater.

The Human Psyche is Male & Female

Click on links for more on the positive and negative consequences of this shift, why it happened, what it means, and where it may lead us in terms of various probabilities. Some of those probabilities are good and some are not.

This should be first history lesson in public schools

If it were, it would change our perspective of human nature. It would boost everyone’s self-esteem across the board. It would transform human nature, changing behavior and leading to successful achievement and fulfillment, personally and collectively.  And it would change the course of civilization.

Science-mind-forms-matter-consciousness-1c-33Our true human nature is far more cooperative, compassionate and altruistic than any social scientists have realized.

Consciousness Shift 5000 + Years Ago



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THE SOLUTION to All of Humanity's Problems

Mind Over Matter

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Where Does Consciousness Come From?

The original consciousness that preceded everything else knows it was seeded by a prior consciousness but has no idea what that was. All consciousness however, has certain characteristics which are altruistic.

Nature & Characteristics of Consciousness

Your own inner consciousness contains the secrets of the universe and all you need to know about yourself and reality. Articles like this one however, will help to bring your inner knowledge to the surface so that you will be consciously aware of it.

Circular reasoning

A 15th century paradigm 

There are currently two scientific views of reality which conflict. The traditional scientific view suggests the universe is like a giant accidentally created, unemotional and unthinking machine. The second is that the universe is one unbroken field of intelligent energy.

The latter is the view that is known to be accurate because it comes from Nobel Prize winning physicists. But the fifteenth-century view is the one we all believe because it is what we were taught.

The product of myth

We still believe the fifteenth-century scientists who said we live in a world of physical disconnected objects because our thinking, emotions, lives and civilization come from internalizing that view. The way we relate to life and address problems like crime, and the methods we use to achieve goals are based on the older science.

We have great difficulty thinking the mechanistic worldview to be inaccurate because it holds far more emotional weight then quantum mechanics. It is what everyone still believes, including most experts and unenlightened scientists.

Where Everyone's Problems Come From

The myth generates fear

It is this older view that leads us to believe human nature is untrustworthy (sinful or flawed) and that we are victims of a cold and uncaring universe. The people who hold these beliefs become fearful, and this is what is happening in America.

The Problem Causing All Other Problems

The myth manifests

The collective result of the Collective Dream of the World (CDW)—people with problems like these—is enormous. When the people within a society internalize the CDW, it materializes inferior behavior, ill health and every conceivable kind of problem. We need to internalize more accurate, positive and constructive beliefs.

USA TODAY on False Self & Male Behavior

Circular reasoning

Thinking manifests behavior that reinforces the thinking.

Authoritarianism and Bullies

Core philosophical conceptions inherent in the CDW paint a picture of humans as untrustworthy, selfish and aggressive. Once internalized during domestication, such beliefs distort our true nature and program us to behave accordingly.

These beliefs—accepted theories defining human nature—come first. They play a primary role in the creation of the evidence that psychologists then use to validate those same beliefs.

In other words, the manifestation of mainstream beliefs is taken as evidence that those beliefs are correct..

Such circular reasoning is ludicrous. People who do not understand how beliefs narrow perception to that which confirms those beliefs, and how beliefs manifest, can easily be fooled by what they see.

To begin to understand how beliefs affect perception and generate behavior, look at the placebo effect, the effect of hypnosis, self-fulfilling prophecy and the Rosenthal Effect.

I cover these subjects at length in the solution.

EN: Helping you to create the life you want!

Mind Over Matter

THE SOLUTION to All of Humanity's Problems

Mind Over Matter

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What Are the Characteristics of Consciousness?

Consciousness is imbued with unlimited inner intelligence. In the same way a piece of holographic film contains the whole image, all that is known, was ever known and will be known is enfolded within every conscious unit.

The Secrets of the Universe Unveiled

This article reveals the most important thing you need to know about yourself, humanity and reality. The conscious evolution explained in this article should be taught in all schools.

The Great Myth of Modern Man

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what-is-conscious-evolution-how-is-consciousness-created-where-does-consciousness-come-from- depicts violent male societies

How do I stop negative thinking?

When you have tried everything and still can’t stop your negative thinking, divert your attention. You can start reading something, watching TV or cooking your favorite meal. Use whatever works, for me it is affirmations and metaphysics.

You can also let other portions of your self take over. Take a break and remind yourself that you are a success and look at your accomplishments. You are find just as you are.


How Do I Stop Negative Thinking?


Why the whole world suffers!

Man with pointing finger depicts the inner judge within people that holds them back.

inner controlling judge and victim

Only 1% are aware of the inner judge and victim.

You must be aware of the problem to solve it.

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The Inner Judge & Victim Control Us

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Myths that can hold you back

There are collective myths by which we interpret our reality.

These myths are obstacles to manifestation ability. We are chained by the inner judge and victim because we are unaware of them. We are unaware of them because we do not understand we create our reality according to what we believe, think and feel. We don’t even realize who and what we are or where we come from!

We are highly limited by false conceptions of cause and affect and time.

There are more myths that distort perception now than at any time in our past. Other civilizations did not cut themselves off from the source of the physical world and they understood far more than we do about reality and the soul. We are basically blind.

Myths-materialism-consciousness-primary-flatworlders-2152-150These myths are obstacles to creating what you want in life.  This is why people in our civilization are unhappy. The many stifling myths are taught by schools and teachers because that is what they went to school to learn.

The only truth you will get from highly educated people comes from a few great intellectuals which the establishment won’t dare attack, like Einstein and Max Planck.

Consciousness Is a State of Matter: MIT

Remove the great myths of modern man from your mind to more easily create what you want like dramatic financial windfalls..

There is no such thing as cause and effect except as applied to psychological activity. The past does not create the present, your thoughts and emotions do.

Mind-over-matter-power-0482-250Quantum mechanics tells us that the universe is not built out of physical electrons like bricks in a house, but instead is a continuing projection of energy like light coming out of a light bulb. Photons shoot by you at the speed of light. Your environment is created in the same way.

Each pulse of light creates a hologram we experience as the physical reality around us. Each pulse, however, is a complete recreation. The past does not create the present. The entire universe is recreated every fraction of a second, and it is a projection of your mind.

The past does not exist, only a spacious present exists and what you think is the past is a portion of the spacious present. Your present beliefs, thoughts and emotions regulate and control the content of each pulse that recreates the universe every fraction of a second.

Because of our belief in time and consistency of thought there is a consistency in what is projected. Our environment will change gradually as our thoughts do, and this gives us an impression of moving through time. This is a false notion, however.

To get back to the main point, when you free yourself of the myth of materialism you realize that anything can be created simply by changing your beliefs, thoughts and emotions. If you transcend the myth of physical cause and effect and replace it with the concept of thought projection in a spacious present your mind is twice as able to create a windfall.

You must free yourself from conceptions of time-space limitations to become free to manifest what you want

To create a windfall, change your belief system and dwell on thoughts and feelings of receiving a windfall..

There is no past or future, there is an infinite, spacious present. You draw probabilities out of this vast source of events by what you think and feel.

Cause and effect applies only to inner subjective activity. Your thoughts are the cause, and your life is the effect. Change your thinking and you change your life.



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Where Our Consciousness & Problems All Began

We became of the man kind 5,000  + years ago when a shift in consciousness was decided upon that was intended to be temporary but was unnecessarily prolonged. In the simplest of terms, we got stuck in a macho world that included a lot of cruelty, abuse and degradation.

Archaeological Evidence of a Shift in Consciousness

The Human Psyche is Male & Female

On a collective subconscious level the consciousness of the race made a deliberate decision to move in a new direction and develop a new type of consciousness accordingly. A new more physically oriented self would be developed. The consciousness of that self would be increasingly cut off from the inner psychic reality from which it came and instead focused on physical reality.

The new physically oriented consciousness would develop a sense of separateness from others and nature. This has been achieved, it is our own particular type of consciousness we are so familiar and well acquainted with.

Ego consciousness is particularly well suited  to manipulate matter, which was the intention. However, other problems have been created as a result of this orientation, and these problems are somewhat severe.

Authoritarianism and Bullies

USA TODAY on False Self & Male Behavior

The ego type of consciousness humans possess now, which is cut off from inner reality, has brought about a situation in which due to limited perception,  humans  tend to think physical reality is the primary, if not only reality.

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Mind Over Matter

THE SOLUTION to All of Humanity's Problems

Mind Over Matter

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We live in a meritocracy

A meritocracy rewards people for their perceived achievements rather than their position, race or family. This is good unless the values within such a society are distorted, and they are highly distorted and misleading in our culture and civilization in general.

Our culture values outward achievement, and this leads to many demands placed on people’s time. As a result, people tend to be too busy in an outward focused way  to  take the time to look within themselves and discover the treasure trove that is theirs. Our civilization’s basic assumptions about reality also lead us away from inner knowledge and the wisdom we are giving you here.

The reason why much of what I am explaining to you now is largely unknown in our society is because of our faulty values.

The Great Myth of Modern Man

We have all been lead away from the powerhouse of wisdom and AMAZING creative ability within us! Another part of the problem is that science has been misled.

HISTORY OF SCIENCE Why it made mistakes

Theory & Science of Consciousness

The True Cause of School Shootings

Origin of Our Kind of Consciousness


Mind Over Matter

THE SOLUTION to All of Humanity's Problems

Mind Over Matter


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Because of the direction of focus towards the physical, more energy would be directed into physical objects and events.  This makes reality more real in the eyes of the beholder.  To some extent, this was intended, however this has been dangerously overdone.

With a more complete conviction or belief invested in physical reality, it would be a more convincing reality. In this way a new reality would be created, in the new more convincing (and potentially harsh) reality.

Once the new consciousness was secure and fully developed, the plan was to have that consciousness reconnect to its source. This new ego consciousness had to return to an awareness of inner reality. This would temper what we think of as egotistical qualities. It would prevent negative tendencies such as selfishness, nationalism and cruelty from getting out of hand.

The True Cause of All Degrading & Violence

what-is-conscious-evolution-how-is-consciousness-created-where-does-consciousness-come-from- picture depicts the mysteries of consciousness

Violence is a symptom

Helping you to create the life you want!

Violence is a symptom

Virtually everyone thinks that this problem has nothing to do with them, that they are fine but other people are twisted. This is one of the main reasons why we haven’t solved the problem.

The problem exists in everyone of us to some degree or other.

Remove Invisible Barriers to Success

The problem is internal

If it were an external problem, things like gun control and more laws would be the proper solution. The fact that we think more laws would solve the problem  speaks of something far deeper that is responsible for the problem itself.

The very fact that we are focused on creating more laws and controls indicates that we do not understand the real problem, the internal errors we are making. These are the myths that are guiding our actions and manifesting congruent behaviors.

There needs to be a sweeping, fundamental change in the way we view the world and operate within it. We must approach our problems in an entirely new way.

Where would we look for the source of the problem?

If students in a classroom suddenly began acting out violent fantasies we would look at what was going on in their minds. We would consider the ideas that were circulating. We might look for bullying or some disturbing psychological element causing the acting out.

This is what we must do for America and civilization as a whole. We must look for some disturbing psychological element at a fundamental level.

The core problem would probably be something that extends to everyone’s thinking. Thus, we would look add a level of underlying philosophical belief. This means we would look at either basic scientific and religious theories accepted when we are young or both.

Social violence is a symptom of a mistake we are making. The symptom is there to tell us something is wrong. We might look at what beliefs and thoughts because beliefs and thoughts lead to actions.

Social violence is caused by something unsavory in the psyche of most Americans. This is the problem that when solved will allow us to have what we want in life.

It is a personal problem holding each of us back, as well as a collective problem preventing our forward progress as a civilization.

We can stand up to division and hatred in America and stop school shootings in violence

When everyone is using affirmations there will be no personal or social problems to contend with. But as long as we don’t understand the underlying problem and the means to solve it through projecting affirmations, we will continue to suffer.

Lights represent consciousness of people in u.s.

Proper beliefs and focusing can solve problems

If we change the core beliefs of our society and focus our consciousness in a more constructive and positive way we can solve all problems.

Remove Invisible Barriers to Success

We can solve not only the problems of violence in our culture, but also eliminate barriers to success so that we can achieve our personal goals and ambitions.

EN: Helping you to create the life you want!

Mind Over Matter

THE SOLUTION to All of Humanity's Problems

Mind Over Matter

Click on image for "THE SOLUTION TO ALL OF HUMANITY'S PROBLEMS & The Secret to Creating the Life You Want," 450 page new edition.

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A new inner directed focus  would bring about the realization that we are all connected and that in harming another you harm yourself. The compassion and wisdom this would bring about, would be essential for the race’s survival.

Once fully developed, we could then use the system as it was intended to be used. Thoughts would manifest as physical events and one would learn from those physical events what corrections needed to be made in their thoughts.

The physical system would serve as a training area for learning how to direct energy constructively. The physical world, or experience, would be a growth medium.

Physical reality has much to offer, and its pleasures and learning leads to individual fulfillment and growth, and a conscious and spiritual evolution to the next level. The next level would have greater responsibilities involved that would have to be learned here first, and it would be even more richly fulfilling than physical reality.

We are meant to be as positive and joyful as possible.

The Sun Of Consciousness is beautifulCreate the most amazing life you possibly can. Anything is possible!

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What is Conscious Evolution? How is Consciousness Created? Where Does Consciousness Come From?

© Copyright 2019, by: William Eastwood

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Bonus information

Why males become mean

A new type of consciousness was no small goal. In order to achieve these ends, a new orientation that emphasized what we think of as male characteristics was adopted by the race as a whole.

The Human Psyche is Male & Female

As a result of our “male” orientation, over the past 5000 years we have successfully evolved a new type of self-awareness and ego consciousness. However, we have overdone the process and as a result ego, or male consciousness his cut off from his inner intuition and sensitivities. This produces unnatural behavior as males often express cruel and insensitive tendencies.

Our climate situation is dire as a result. But that is far from all the problems produced by unnatural male ego dominance. Male nationalistic tribes and patriarchal systems have produced excessive cruelty, violence and other problems.

When the male psyche is deprived of a whole set of what we call feminine emotions, the void left by their absence is filled by a far less pleasing set of emotions.

Many males in our society are unable to feel much or any love, and this happens because of cultural directives rather than anything natural. We end up with raging emotions, much more negative attitudes later in life, hostilities and conflicts.

The male psyche can be tormented if the artificial psychological differences between the sexes are carried to an extreme, as we see happening in politics in America today.


Categories: What is Conscious Evolution? How is Consciousness Created? Where Does Consciousness Come From?

What is Conscious Evolution? How is Consciousness Created? Where Does Consciousness Come From?


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