Did ISIS Attack the US in Afghanistan? What is the Motive of Terrorist Attacks?


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Did ISIS Attack the US in Afghanistan? What is the Motive of Terrorist Attacks?

  • Did ISIS the US in Kabul Afghanistan?
  • What is the motive of terrorist attacks?

I will answer these questions now.


Did ISIS the US in Kabul Afghanistan again?

8/30/21 update: A US missile defense system shot down multiple rockets fired at Kabul International airport overnight. These are likely ISIS attacks. 250 US citizens remain in Afghanistan to be flown out. Tomorrow is the deadline to leave, although some believe the Taliban may allow people to continue to leave.

8/29/21 update: ISIS-K terrorists may have attacked again. Sunday morning on 8/29, an ISIS rocket appears to have been fired at the US in Kabul Afghanistan. Local officials say that a rocket hit a residential area about a mile from Kabul airport. A child was killed. When more information is forthcoming it will be immediately reported here.

US officials provided Taliban with names of Americans and Afghan allies to assist the US in evacuations.


As previously reported:

Did ISIS Attack the US in Afghanistan?

ISIS attacked the US in Kabul Afghanistan. Over 114,000 people have been evacuated so far, which is a world record.

The Pentagon reports that 13 US service members were killed and 18 injured. The casualties occurred at Abbey Gate entry to Kabul Airport.

“We will hunt you down and make you pay,” said President Biden as he addressed the nation. He added that this is why we must limit our time there by ending the war.

Update: the US has retaliated with an airstrike against ISIS.

General Kenneth McKenzie, of US Central Command said their focus remains on evacuating the roughly 500 Americans left in Afghanistan. He also said that the US is going after those responsible for this cowardly act. ISIS claims responsibility for the attack.

Biden followed through on the plan Trump made to end the war. Previous presidents were all talk but never did anything. Biden did. Biden got us out of a war no one wanted.

Going deeper, there is a line of ignorance behind all wars and all terrorist attacks.


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We know what the motive of terrorist attacks is. The motive for terrorist attacks is always the same. The new science by Einstein’s colleague and a group of physicists has led to a new paradigm which explains the cause of terrorist attacks. Consciousness is an integral aspect of reality.


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The effort by U.S. Marines was heroic. The US Marines guarding Abbey Gate were briefed on the potential of a suicide bomber striking near their position, but they continued processing those trying to gain entry.

A senior U.S. official warned of a “specific” and “credible” ISIS threat, the night before this attack occurred. Other countries were also forewarned and were warning people and asking them to leave the area.

The Taliban and the US are coordinating to find the attackers. Dozens of Afghan civilians were killed. The scene was chaotic and horrific.

Security is being reinforced at other bottlenecks to ensure that no further attacks occur.

A single blast occurred when an ISIS terrorist detonated a body vest at a bottleneck entry point to the airport. That blast was in a crowd of civilians which included families trying to evacuate. An ISIS terrorist then opened fire on the crowd. This accounts for the high casualties. The other bomb went off at the Baron Hotel. It is unclear if casualties occurred there.

The US is sharing intelligence with the Taliban. Other attacks have been adverted as a result. The Taliban is helping to check people. There was obviously a failure at this gate.

The attacks are not likely to stop.


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There is a solution.


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Republicans like to say things like “immigrants carry diseases.” There is no limit to their ignorance and degradation. We try to go beyond specifics to the general cause of division.


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What is the motive of terrorist attacks?

The motive of terrorist attacks appears to be hostility toward the US. ISIS-K, which is ISIS in that region, is behind two bomb blasts and gunman firing on the crowd.

ISIS-K broadcast propaganda videos earlier in the day that say they are taking responsibility for the attack that killed over 170 people and injured 200 in Kabul Afghanistan. ISIS says that the only reason why they attacked is because of the US presence in Afghanistan.

There is still a threat of attack on the US in Kabul Afghanistan. The Taliban and ISIS-K are arch enemies and have been engaged in recent fighting. ISIS-K wants to discredit the Taliban.

ISIS-K is the regional affiliate of the Islamic State.

The Taliban wants to gain credibility in the eyes of the world.

Our site reports on underlying causes and solutions to problems both public and private. The underlying motive of the attack and psychology driving the violence is a subject explored on this site.

The motive of terrorist attacks is always the same. This site reports on the underlying worldviews that are behind all terrorist attacks. The solution to this problem is also the solution to personal and social problems. The new science is explored in-depth on this website.


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Terrorist always think others are the bad guys. Terrorists blame others. ISIS members and terrorists in general  demonize those with opposing belief systems. The Taliban does the same thing and that is why these two groups are fighting.


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Terrorists degrade others in the same way bullies do. They do this because of contempt for human nature itself. The underlying belief systems come from religion and Darwinism and a mix of myths exposed on this site.


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This is the third deadliest day in the war in Afghanistan since the war began.


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Planes continue to evacuate people from Kabul airport after the attack.


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The processing of people out of the Kabul airport will end very soon because the job is almost done.


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The fact is that what we make of ourselves in life is due to our belief system and our actions. When we know who attacked the US in Kabul Afghanistan, we will add more information about the attacker’s motive and psychology and solutions.

What is the underlying motive of the attack? How can we prevent more terrorist acts in Afghanistan? How can we stop domestic terrorism in the US? These are some of the questions we will explore and answer here.

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A new and more accurate science gives us those solutions.

Einstein’s friend & colleague, David Bohm’s science explains why all of this is happening

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Did ISIS Attack the US in Afghanistan? What is the Motive of Terrorist Attacks?

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