Multidimensional Self: How to Draw on the Power & Abilities of the Entity, Soul, Spirit & Inner Mind


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Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-128Multidimensional Self.

How to Draw on the Power & Abilities of the Entity, Soul, Spirit & Inner Mind.

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The findings of physics conflict with mainstream worldviews. It all opposes what parents, society, various disciplines, schools and mainstream media hold onto as the only truth they know.

People want and need to believe what they were taught, but what they learned is based on sixteenth-century science which Nobel Prize winner’s findings and quantum physics proves wrong.

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Materialism, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, Freud’s psychology, most theories regarding human nature in mainstream psychology, and scientific thinking in general (ideas about time & space) are all incorrect and detrimental.

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Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create conscious units which grow and combine below your subconscious. When they reach sufficient intensity they manifest as events or objects in your life.

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Draw on the abilities of the multidimensional Self.

Open the doors to your inner powerhouse of potential.

Your multidimensional self is a massive energy system which consists of a collection of simultaneous, reincarnational and probable selves. The reincarnational system is a lineal-time perspective of your many existences. Probable selves are adjacent selves. They are variations of each reincarnational self.

Both reincarnational and probable selves are simultaneous. They are all interacting, and this is the next frontier for humanity and science to explore. The potential for you here is enormous.

You can draw on the energy and intelligence of your whole self. Your whole self includes the inner self, the soul, the entity and the individual simultaneous and selves.

Whenever you work to improve yourself you draw on abilities and characteristics you were born with. When you develop a skill with ease it is because you have already developed it in previous lives.

When you intuitively try to sense your inner world and other lives you reach out, forming what is like neuron pathways. Developing skills also forms connections to the inner self. These connections are the definition of personal strength.

Your present point of power.

There is no time. All that exists is a vast present moment I call the spacious present. Your moment point is your personal connection to All-That-Is (ATIS). Your moment point is a door to the power of your entity and the knowledge of all your simultaneous selves.

To believe this is so is to have the powers of the whole. The energy of your being follows your beliefs. It is enormously beneficial for you to contemplate the existence of the whole self. When you consider you multidimensionality you can sense the energy and power extending inward. Doing so sends out strands of consciousness that connect you directly to your many simultaneous selves.

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Sense your power.

Once you know the truth you can sense your power in the present moment. Simply sensing it makes you stronger. Both the thought and the connection serve to empower in numerous ways.

Your present moment is your point of power through which you affect all your simultaneous selves and vice-versa.

Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions in the present moment also contain pure energy and condensed potential. Contemplating your strength makes you stronger.

When your beliefs interact with the same on the part of your simultaneous selves even more power is added to them.

The strength of the whole self is in the individual and the strength of the individual is in the whole.

Contemplate the vastness of your whole self in its entirety.

Consider the power of your entity. That strength is yours now. Thoughts of power and strength will connect you with all your simultaneous selves in a way that a thought of weakness wouldn’t. Your self-image has more power than you know. You are instantly put in correspondence with those aspects of the multidimensional self that resonate with and correspond to the beliefs, ideas and emotions you are currently focused on.

What do you want more of in your life? Confidence? Stamina? Specific goals achieved? Wealth? A big home? By focusing on whatever it is you desire you connect with other simultaneous selves of yours who have those qualities or have achieved what you want to achieve. You then draw the belief, power and knowledge needed from them.

Draw-Power-of-Entity-Soul-Spirit-Inner-being-225In an analogy it is like growing a new neuron pathway to another mind of yours.

Beliefs can transfer from self to self. So can confidence and know-how.

The power of self-image.

You can restructure your life by changing your beliefs about yourself and your life. It all comes down to directing your attention to what you want, while simultaneously holding the belief that you already possess it.

If the idea that you are multidimensional is somewhat believable to you, that belief opens circuits to these other components of your entity.

Think of your mind as a tuning fork. Think deeply until you sense your power in the present moment. Hold that feeling while you remember a time in your past when you were powerful. What you affirm is true and focus on you create.

By maintaining a certain quality of thought and emotion your intuitively connect with similar aspects of your unlimited multidimensional existences. Hold in mind your ability to attract money.

If someone were to tell you that you have exceptional ability to attract money you would receive a boost in your belief that you can. Believing it creates it as your reality and sets up circuits with those probabilities in which this is true.

A belief that something is true connects you with the reality in which thus is so. This helps you to take on that energy and aspect of selfhood. Your belief becomes your reality.

All souls create their reality with their beliefs, thoughts and emotions. This applies to other realities as well. In the afterlife, spiritual realm and dream state you create your reality by what you believe, think and feel. No all realities are physical, but the same process and rules apply.

When you do an exercise like this you connect to past events in this life when you were powerful and accomplished things. But you also connect to times when you were powerful and accomplished things in other lives.

Multidimensional-Self-How-to-Draw-Power-of-lighteningTo think you are powerful is to be powerful.

The degree of conviction in the thought is the degree of belief. The greater the degree of belief the greater your power.



All times and probabilities affect all other times and probabilities.

Suppose that right now what I am writing strikes a chord in you. Something happened as you were reading and suddenly you are convinced that all of this is not just philosophy but is truth and fact. Because you believe it deeply you suddenly sense the multidimensional structure within you and feel your power.

You take hold of your power and potential. You feel the power of your consciousness and emotions and sense what it can do for you to manifest what you want.

Multidimensional-Self-How-to-Draw-Power-of-Entity-Soul-Spirit-subconscious-150As you adopt this state of mind you affect your entire being. Another self in another time may suddenly feel a surge of confidence and power. As it does, so does a third and fourth self. A wave of energy can empower the entity and then this is returned to you because all are simultaneous.

The energy of your new belief that you are a powerful and associated thoughts is the signal you send out. You activate cellular memories of times when you were powerful. These memories are turned on in your present moment. You also tap directly into similar beliefs on part of the multidimensional self structure. You empower you probable, future and past selves. Their reality changes accordingly. Those changes then affect you.

By believing you are powerful you have changed the actual physical reality of your past and future. Those changes have in turn changed you.

You have increased your power and knowledge in multiple time periods and dimensions by recognizing your multidimensionality and inherent power.

Any positive thought about yourself can change your past and future. Those probable pasts and futures can then change your present.

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1) Every thought is important.

What you are thinking right now is affecting your past and future. The changes you make in the future and past can then change the present.

Keep each thoughts and emotions as positive and constructive as you can.

To see where you are going in your life just look at your beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Right now, you are setting the groundwork for what you will experience in your future. It is up to you to make those changes you want to see manifest in your life. You do that one small thought at a time.

2) Manage your thoughts and emotions every day.

This is critically important for your success in life. You must think about your thinking and you must manage it very carefully and thoughtfully. Don’t suppress every emotion but do insist on an overall positive mind set, attitude and mood.

Emotions are like the weather and are meant to flow, bringing you on a journey and revealing what you believe. When a negative idea comes to mind take a second to recognize what it is telling you and then pluck it out or let it go. Immediately divert your mind to the opposite positive view and tell yourself what you choose to believe.

How are you going to be thinking in the morning, afternoon and evening? What are the subjects you are going to be thinking about?

How are you going to raise your expectations by what you think?

3) Every emotion is vitally important to your success in life.

Entity-Soul-Spirit-Inner-self-Multi-dimensional-Self-150 The universe itself is an emotional manifestation of energy. This means that by choosing positive emotions you are wielding incredible power. Positive emotions will create a positive reality. One emotion has the power equivalent of a nuclear detonation. Keep it positive.

Attitudes, moods and emotions are one of your greatest means to shape your reality. Your emotions are an area of profound potential.

4) Beliefs create thoughts and emotions.

It all starts with beliefs. Your beliefs generate your thinking and emotions.

Both beliefs and thoughts will automatically cause you to feel a certain way and all three will manifest as your physical reality. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create all elements of your day-to-day experience.

Anything that happens to you can be traced back to the belief, thought or emotion that created it. If there is any part of your life you dislike, change your thinking in that area and those changes will be manifest in those components of your life.

Since positive emotions are vitally important to your success as a person and in terms of your life, there are two ways you must manage your emotions.

The first is simply to make sure you have a positive focus. Do not laps into poor moods marked by thoughts about your problems, everything going wrong, what you have failed to do or whatever.

The second it to work on creating dynamic positive beliefs that will generate both positive thoughts and emotions naturally. Once that is done emotional management is easier but still must be done. Your positive emotions come much easier as a natural function of having good beliefs.

Don’t think that you are a failure because you have problems, even if those problems are severe in your estimation. Everyone has challenges and problems, it is the nature of life. This is because your inner self will always keep you challenged. As you master one thing, something else will appear that you will need to work on.



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Multidimensional Self: How to Draw on the Power & Abilities of the Entity, Soul, Spirit & Inner Mind.

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Draw on the Power of the Multidimensional Entity, Soul & Inner Self.



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