Natural Creation

How do thoughts create matter?

After you have a thought it will activate a natural algorithm that exists within all conscious energy units (CEU’s) to produce the holographic equivalent of the unique properties of the thought, visualization or emotional pattern you have imbued it with when thinking it. This is not unlike the imagination producing a mental image of a ball when you hear the world “ball.”

In thinking a thought you have patterned and directed subjective electromagnetic energy entering your mind in such a way as to produce on inner levels of consciousness within and below the subconscious, an energy hologram of your thought(s) and emotion(s). That pattern contains a natural impetus and will attempt to replicate itself in all possible ways, such as in the alteration of an event, such as a positive emotion modifying a dreaded encounter, or by producing a brand new physical event in which desires can be expressed and experienced.

If the event is not forthcoming, the energy that you have set in motion by thinking a thought will continue to grow and evolve on deep inner levels of consciousness according to your additional or similar thoughts and emotions on the subject, or it will dissipate if you entertain opposing thoughts and beliefs in your conscious mind and on subconscious levels that the conscious mind directs.

Energy is never destroyed, and so the energy of a thought or emotion continues to exist and evolve complexity on inner levels. Thoughts combine with similar thoughts and transform themselves into probable events which contain the impetus and pattern necessary to evolve into the complexity of matter. Probable events are composed of active patterns of evolving series of possibilities in holographic energy form that attract, produce and invite additional energy and thoughts on conscious and subconscious levels.

Once sufficient intensity is achieved and certain requirements met, selected probable events manifest as ordinary events. A conscious decision is made that results in the activation of the probable event and again following a natural algorithm that exists in all conscious energy units (CEU’s), this results in a complex physical equivalent of the selected probable event.

The balance of your thoughts, intentions, expectations, and those areas where you are focused or deeply emotionally involved will materialize as dominant areas of experience. All actions you take are proceeded by a decision and that decision, however small, activates the probability that manifests the event. An example would be deciding to lift your arm to scratch your nose. Another would be the firm decision to make more money or pursue a particular course of action.

Each probability you activate leads to more possibilities in your life. Additional holographic probabilities arise with any subjective activity and particularly with the decision to activate a probable sequence. Nothing is static, and all probabilities are in flux at all times and affected by your slightest thought or emotion.

Through your contribution while living you automatically add to the totality of probabilities existing in the world. Every thought you have multiplies infinity.

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