Uncontrolled to Created Living

We live in the manifested and fleshed-out body of our worldview and psychic energy directed by psychic energy, which is what we are. Our beliefs, thoughts and emotions structure our experience and living so that everything fits our worldview.

There are only self-imposed limitations. The self-imposed limitations in our lives are based on faulty thinking and myth.

In the one-dimensional world, for all intents and purposes we live in a disconnected, cold and indifferent matrix of objects and strangers. The outsideness and neutrality of that cold physical world is emotionally barren. Within this world we feel insignificant, misunderstood and unsafe. And so we strive to be significant and safe through application, perseverance and hopefully fate, and luck.

The downside of viewing reality as we are taught is that we must live within a world of disconnected objects and people which we have no direct link to or affect on. We pass through time and space which is concrete and one-dimensional.

In the cause-and-effect world, life is a battle because we think we live in an unresponsive physical reality. According to the main myths of our times, that outer reality doesn’t even care who we are. It doesn’t know what we want and our life tends to be a struggle to gain recognition, freedom and the ability to experienced some of the desires we sense within.

We are hypnotized into believing that we exist within a detached dimension of space rather than create our space via an extension of our self’s mental energy. We all have been taught that we travel through time rather than create time.

Even if our collective beliefs are factually inaccurate our beliefs still manifest our reality. The result is that we live by our own manufactured mythical reality with its stifling set of rules and principles that automatically preclude higher level functioning and achievement.

Our perception creates our reality and not the other way around. When you view your personal life and reality you are looking through the lens of your beliefs and interpretations. You are also looking at the literal manifestation of those interpretations of reality which are based on collective myths you have inherited.

If there is a positive event, it is a manifestation of many positive beliefs and thoughts. If there is a disaster it is a result of many contributing beliefs, thoughts and emotions you have had over the years. But more importantly, how you interpret all that happens to you and why is a result of myths.

The picture we are sold is of a single physical reality. We are told that there is one world and that we get one chance to live. Contrast that to each of us having an inner self that is simultaneously living many lives, as different physical people, sexes and in pasts and futures. And each of those selves is creating their reality via selecting from infinite probabilities precisely what they believe, think and feel is their past, present and future reality.

Within the hypnotic trance of the great myths of modern man, events seem to come and go… to leave us forever. We are young and then we are old. In the spring of our life joy and love is abundant, but this is all lost to the seeming ironclad reality of aging and absolutely certain physical decay. In this picture, all those dreams we strive to achieve crumble away and disappear forever.

Within the darkness of collective myth our past is not just outside of our time reference, but is gone from all of reality forever and is nonexistent! While it is true that time does not exist, what this really means is that what we think of as being past events exist now, just beyond our conscious awareness.

The truth is that nothing is gone forever and everything endures forever. The child you once were still exists and can be experienced when you know how to transcend one-dimensional thinking and hence experienced reality.

At some point many of us will abandon the sinking ship of myth and will experience a new reality. The sooner you do that the better off you will be. The new and more accurate worldview I am offering you radically changes how you experience your life and living.

We live in simultaneous time realities. We do not live in the single world and single monodimensional timeline we are told we live in. Life doesn’t give us one event at a time. We have been perceiving reality that way for so long we just don’t know how to change our perception. But I can help you to break that perception.

Probable pasts and futures can be sensed just below our usual level of consciousness and are full-fledged realities to our inner self and cellular consciousness, both of which operate outside of our usual time boundaries.

Contemplate the facts as often as possible until you connect with your inner knowledge and create a new baseline of assumption that more accurately reflects the true nature of your multidimensional reality.

Created Living

Before you were born you searched available “future” probabilities with your desires and intents kept lovingly in mind. Your parents, the location of your birth, the psychic climate of that environment and level of development of the world you would be born into were all chosen by you in line with your intense desires.

The people you invited to share your experience with also invited you in the same way and for common higher good. There is no competition between souls. When designing a life we choose other people we have known in previous existences to enrich all participants and to offer maximum opportunities for highly fulfilling shared achievements.

Everyone else’s interests, desires and preoccupations are taken into consideration when we plan our lives. What each person wants is communicated with what each other person wants. The focus is on procuring fulfillment and long-term positive developments. The highest levels of each person’s consciousness work cooperatively together to bring about the most favorable circumstances that will enable each of us to materialize our deepest desires and drives.

And the magic is that all of this is changing constantly. Our beliefs, thoughts and emotions call out new manifestations on a second to second basis.

So contrary to the old way of thinking, we are not dropped down into a world in which we are separate animals in competition who struggle to get some fleeting joy before losing it all to aging and eventual annihilation at death.

Instead, the multi-dimensional worldview and belief system tells us we are highly significant spirits embarking on a fantastic journey with great meaning, with the cornerstone events in our lives chosen with loving care and for specific beneficial purposes. Your primary interests are given play and allowed development here because of the opportunities you laid out for yourself even before you were born.

The over-developed and/or unenlightened ego will destroy civilization, and you can see the battle between old and new playing out in politics. You save yourself, your dreams and civilization by making the correct choice in worldviews and thoughts. With a positive focus you will enter the positive future probability in which humanity evolves to a higher level of existence. Each and every thought you have affects everyone to some degree. We are all connected.

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Consciousness forms electromagnetic fields which form electrons which compose events.

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