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Knowing how you actually create your reality is comprehending that you are like a living, breathing projector. Don’t, however, think of yourself as projecting your reality as you move through time and space, rather see yourself as projecting time and space itself.

There was a period in history a long time ago when all of this was known. Before the advent of western civilization, and particularly in the time of hunters and gatherers, child, woman and man understood the interweaving of inner and outer reality.

Early man did not see events, objects, other people or the animals he hunted as existing entirely outside of himself. He saw everything as being connected to his spirit. The connection was through his spirit, beliefs, thought process and emotions. He knew his thoughts and emotions created his physical world.

When he observed an object or event he sensed the thoughts and emotions that created the object or event within the object or event. He saw events as being thoughts he had entertained manifested physically. He understood how his family or tribe could create a famine by neglecting to appreciate the abundance around them and instead allowing themselves to focus on their hunger.

He knew that by dwelling on his fears he could attract that which he feared. The materialization of his fear would then pose an additional problem. If he were to focus on the manifestation of his uncomfortable feelings or injuries he would reinforce and multiply these problems.

Early man therefore knew that he needed to rejoice and appreciate. To honor the creative consciousness within that created everything, he developed explanations that turned into the early gods. By honoring and appreciating the consciousness that formed favorable conditions and abundance he protected himself from potential threats. If he were to see the positive in everything then reality would become more positive and events would be favorable.

However, to form a new kind of ego consciousness, the race began a new experiment. This necessitated a temporary break with awareness of inner reality (and wisdom) to create the sensation of a distinct and separate consciousness.

Male gods assisted this goal as did a division in the human psyche. Outward focused characteristics were labeled as being natural to the male, and then the male was given prominence and adopted the role of providing direction to civilization. That direction was toward separation that aided the development of the new separate ego self.

As the “male” characteristics and propensities were held in high regard and emulated by western civilization, this resulted in a transfixed focus on physical reality and problems with it. Besides pitting tribe against tribe (creating wars), man lost his knowledge of how events were created.  He forgot lost his awareness of the inner spiritual reality and how it formed events for him according to his beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

For this reason, humanity is experiencing many problems, from loss of intuitive knowledge to an overdeveloped male ego. I call this condition as it manifests in the individual “the parasite,” and the collective effect I call “the pestilence,” both of which are the cause of wars, bullying, violence and most other problems.

In the 1920’s quantum physics awakened us to the magic and wisdom within the energy that connects us and forms matter. The Enlightenment and reason has led to America, increased human rights and democratic systems. These developments combined with quantum mechanics has resulted in civilization’s questioning of the mechanistic view of reality. Since then there has been some progress in the right direction. However, there is resistance to this positive change and forward motion.

Almost half of the American population, for example, is rejecting these corrective measures and movement, and is trying to regress to an earlier period of patriarchal society when male dominance was expected.

This is not an attempt to return to the ancient wisdom of consciousness and to regain an awareness of the inner source of the physical world (and the traits of compassion, sympathy and emotional identification with nature that would temper the “male” ego). Rather, this is a return to a harsher male-dominated time in history that was particularly cruel, and which extends until the recent past or present.

The male type ego is overdeveloped, disconnected, selfish and isolated. This imbalance is creating problems such continued division within each person’s psyche, school shootings, bullying, and political regression.

The resistance to progress in human rights since the 1950’s and political regression is in conflict with the wisdom and powerful knowledge that will allow you to achieve your goals and evolve to the next level in your personal evolution, hence finding true fulfillment and satisfaction in life. The resistance factors in civilization are based on a firm belief in separation of individuals, and distrust of “others,” or a deep underlying distrust of human nature and our ability to self govern.

We can return to the earlier ancient knowledge with the insights we have gained as a civilization, or we can destroy ourselves. If the new enlightenment and altruistic autonomous movement gains traction we can create a new civilization based on ancient knowledge combined with validation through quantum mechanics. We will understand that we are consciousness and that consciousness is altruistic. We can then use the growing body of knowledge inherent in the new paradigm to create a united and successful civilization. Individually we will use this knowledge to take control of our lives, manifest our dreams and love and help all.

Because we are currently at war with the overemphasized ego and its excessive cruelty and separation manifest as excessive controls, violence, bullying and a return to tyrants, we must fight for the right to self-govern and determine our future, hence saving civilization from backsliding and ultimately, destruction.

What is a tyrant?
Definition according to Oxford Dictionary:


A cruel and oppressive ruler.

“The tyrant was deposed by popular demonstrations”

Synonyms: dictator · despot · autocrat · absolute ruler · authoritarian · oppressor •a person exercising power or control in a cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary way.

“Her father was a tyrant and a bully”

Synonyms: slave driver · martinet · hard taskmaster · scourge · bully •(especially in ancient Greece) a ruler who seized power without legal right.

A president who attempts to seize control of separate and coequal branches of government (particularly the judicial branch) in a reach for power, threatening democracy in service of excessive egotism, fits the definition given here perfectly.

The war is internal. We must kill the parasite and revive the Godling. This alone will allow each of us a fast track to success.

If enough of us succeed we will influence others enough to kill off the pestilence and return the world to its correct path toward a civilization based on knowledge of the creative and altruistic nature of consciousness.

Top physicists are getting close to figuring it all out

Consciousness forms electromagnetic fields which form electrons which compose events.


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