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Early man understood that reality wasn’t limited to a single, distinct physical world in which objects in and events were disconnected—entirely standalone phenomena. Instead, child, woman and man clearly perceived both an inner spiritual existence and an outer physical existence united together as a single seamless reality.

Until the time of the invention of clocks and the industrial revolution in particular, the concept of time was different than what we have now. Although man observed the seasons and understood the equinox and tides, he didn’t perceive his reality as laid out in lineal time-line as we do now. He wasn’t locked into a narrow outward focused form of perception. Instead, he perceived his reality as magical and God-given, and being newly created in each instant.

Early man understood how he attracted and created probabilities, although he did not yet have a system of recording knowledge other than elders telling stories to carry a long insights in parables and fairy tales.

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

— Albert Einstein

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

— Albert Einstein

The process is the same now as it was for early man.

We attract and create experiences by drawing them from the field of unmanifest probabilities. The process by which this is done is extensive and involved. There is a long period of inner work before anything becomes a physically experienced reality.

You must focus on your fears for a long time before they will manifest. And at any time you can break the cycle of negativity. When you do that you stop the negative probability from manifesting.

In order for a probability to become physical, your beliefs have to allow for, attract and create the desired event on inner levels. As a child takes nine months to develop from conception to birth, there are similar requirements to allow for the development of an event or object from an idea.

Any probable event has to be created by entertaining certain beliefs thoughts and feelings. You usually considered things for days, weeks or years while they are incubating and before they manifest.

You add energy to desired events when you contemplate them happening and feel their reality in your present moment. You subtract energy from these growing probable thoughtforms when you consider them unlikely, withdraw attention from them, consider opposing scenarios or think them impossible or difficult to achieve for whatever reason. There are opposing beliefs, opposing thoughts and opposing emotions.

A probable event that can be manifested at any time will usually remain in the probable field until the last second when a conscious thought will trigger the thoughtform to manifest physically. This is one of the nicer facts about reality. Even if you have been dwelling on negative issues right up until you have to experience something you dislike, you can change the outcome at the last moment. A conscious decision, will or a positive or contrary belief, thought or emotion can prevent a negative outcome at the last minute.

The more time you spend contemplating how reality works, the better you will be at controlling events and creating desired outcomes.

Realize that anything you perceive around you is currently being projected by you. This means that what you don’t see hear or feel behind you is not a reality at all. It is a kind of blank zone of Unmanifest Spiritual Vitality.

Unmanifest Vitality is another term for the potential within consciousness and the essence from which reality is drawn. Anything beyond what you sense directly is not a complete void in that it contains an infinite potential that can procure any reality that can be imagined. But until it is observed and acted upon by a belief thought or emotion, it remains an infinity of potential events.

When you turn around and observe something you are creating it by projecting it with your senses.

The more time you spend contemplating this the better off you are going to be and the more practical your thoughts will be in enabling you to create anything your heart desires. We are hypnotized into thinking it’s what we do that matters, but this is where your life, business and everything else come from.

In contemplating the manner in which you create your environment you weaken ideas to the contrary and hence fears based on those ideas. You lessen the intensity of fears based on the opposite idea or collective myth that the past creates your present. With this realization you weaken threats of all kinds.

You can create something completely new by realizing this fact of how you create events. This realization works better than directly working on changing negative or limiting beliefs. It has worked for me. Realize your control and power, and your automatically change beliefs to the contrary.

When you contemplate your strength you increase it. Whatever you focus on you create. Focusing on your control and power over events is your fast track to success.

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Consciousness forms electromagnetic fields which form electrons which compose events.

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