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Earth Network is the people of earth for a better world.

About Earth Network, EN: The people of earth for an enlightened altruistic world without borders

Originally the internet was going to be called earth network. In the same way, this earth network represents the world coming together for higher purpose. Earth network is the goodness and spirit within everyone finding a way to bring about a fantastic future for all the beautiful people of earth.

ARE YOU POWERFUL & FREE? William Eastwood founded the Altruistic, Autonomous Movement in 2000 & has 5 websites: EARTH NETWORK (EN) – The people of earth for a better world.

Age 13: Solar inventions with Yale Professor, Everett Barber.
Age 37: Founder of Earth Network of AAI (above), to solve global problems.
(50% gross to Feed the Children.)

EDUCATIONAL INTENT: End suffering globally & transition humanity to a new era, transform public institutions and private lives, form a new field of science, and reform education systems globally.

ENDORSEMENT OF “THE SOLUTION:” “ We can literally change the course of civilization by lifting the race to a higher path through implementing the solution. – Mario Fusco TP.D, RS.D, BS.c

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metaphysics-manifesting-use-affirmations-sun-9-33We thank everyone that has made contributions, and those who have purchased books.

Is EN a university?

Not yet

We are working toward that goal and need your help to get there.

Like the internet, we are for the people by the people.

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THE SOLUTION Content & Review

What is the new enlightenment, practical altruistic movement goodwill & charitable mission
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What is the Altruistic Movement? Altruistic, Autonomous Philosophy & William Eastwood

About me 

My name is William Eastwood, and I live in the state of Colorado in the US. I discovered and then applied some amazing metaphysical concepts at age 13, and had immediate positive results (below). However, my main ambition has always been to help create a new civilization based on the principles I have been studying for about 45 years now, which I believe are a valid replacement for what I call the great myths of modern man.

I have gathered metaphysical information on the nature of the universe and human being and synthesized it into one worldview. We have to start somewhere, and I see EN  as a place to start.

New Institution Can Heal Society

EN stands for the people (network) of the earth. This is simply a network and is not intended to be an official arbiter of knowledge. I just want people to see what they can be and learn this philosophy if they so choose. We can take this knowledge and transform the world with it.

EN is meant to help each of us do that personally and professionally in whatever way we want. I hope people will absorb and act on the new knowledge that can help civilization advance into a new era of peace and enlightenment.

Altruistic Movement Redirect Civilization


When we try to create a better world personally and collectively, we usually each experience some success, as I have (below). However, we quickly run into our own internal barriers.

On a collective level, we see individual barriers manifest as the underlying values of institutions and the like. The barriers I have run into are internal and personal but manifest as the authoritative institutions of our times.

I do not intend to set people up against the world but rather encourage people to reform this world for the better by focusing on the positive. However, in this site attention has to be given to those problems within us and within our societies in order that we may be aware of them so that we can solve them.

If we are not aware of the problem, we can't solve it. This is why I have a number of articles on internal barriers and externalized manifestations of those barriers that we experience as hindrances to our forward progress and success in life.

The Inner Judge & Victim Control Us

Where Everyone's Problems Come From

These are the problems holding us back in preventing our forward movement into a new and beautiful era. To create a new civilization, we must work on an individual level to remove the misconceptions from our subconscious and conscious minds so that we can express our altruism and creative nature personally and collectively.

Society is a collection of individuals, and as individuals change, society changes. This is the way change works.

Remain focused on the positive within you, all the positive beliefs and all the progress you are making in life on a daily basis. Grant others the same altruism and miraculous creative nature that you understand exists within yourself.

According to this philosophy and other similar philosophies arising around the world at this time in history, we are altruistic consciousness creating the material universe to learn and express our joy and creativity. Above all, be joyful and successful in your creativity and natural altruism.

Do not be against yourself or anyone but do work on inner and outer levels to change that which is harming us or preventing our forward progress.

We must all focus on what we want rather than the obstacles.

As a child I was brought up as an ordinary middle-class citizen. My father drove trains on the railroad from Grand Central Station in New York to all over New England, and my brothers became building contractors. When I set out on my own, I was only afforded the money necessary for survival and was never given any advantages. I had no connections with Yale University or any educational institutions or educated people. My early life achievements did not seem to fit hereditary or environment. They didn't fit the pattern I was born into but spoke of the metaphysical influence that I attracted on my own.

EASTWOOD: Magic Universe & Mind Power

I am inner directed and self-educated. I hope this example illustrates the effectiveness of the philosophy on this site.

My early life accomplishments applying this philosophy

At age 13, I designed solar inventions with Yale University Professor, Everett Barber.

At age 15, I designed solar homes which were built in the beautiful shoreline town of Madison, Connecticut.

At age 37, I Founded Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous Individuals, Inc. to solve global problems – 50% of its revenue went to Feed the Children.

I have published an educational course on metaphysics to help people create what they want in life. I have published on social issues, institution reform, climate change, ocean level rise, quantum biology, philosophy, and US Supreme Court and Non-profit legislative proposals ("The Solution..."). I am currently in the process of publishing a new extensive course divided up into many manageable small, practical segments, (the keys).

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Why are we called REAL School?

To denote that this is REAL knowledge, not false information

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Why are we called REAL SCHOOL?

In our search for truth we leave the collective myths and false dogmas of our times and previous generations behind.

We are not shackled intellectually or intuitively here. We are changing the status-quo here.

You are safe to explore reality here.

REAL SCHOOL Get the facts

What is the definition of “real”?

What we think constitutes reality is the quality of being measurable and demonstratable.  Since traditional science wasn’t sophisticated enough to measure consciousness and demonstrate and measure its power and ability to form matter, thought itself became “not real” in the eyes of mainstream science.

HISTORY OF SCIENCE Why it made mistakes

Because of the obvious impact of physical things and phenomena on our five senses, people have always regarded physical objects and phenomena as being real, and so science’s official stance only reinforced the seeming obvious fact that physical things were real. A fire could burn us, for example, which we all needed to learn at an early age just to be safe in our environment.

What we missed in all of this is what previously could not be measured or demonstrated, but now can. Objects are now understood to be like holograms. A book is just a field of moving energy that gives the illusion of fullness and solidity to our physical senses. Because the nonphysical energy-containing-information (or wave-aspect) within all matter has now been demonstrated and measured by quantum mechanics, it has to be considered “real.” 

However, our entire civilization is programmed psychologically at the deepest level to believe what has already been decided, that thoughts are not really real, that only physical reality is real. Our previous scientific position that physical things are real has reinforced our sense’s perceptions and basic notion that physical things and phenomena are reality.

For these reasons and also because of cognitive dissonance, it is difficult for most people and civilization as a whole to change their thinking on this subject of what constitutes “reality.”

Cognitive dissonance

However, thoughts do have a direct impact on us, and if we take this into consideration we can learn to realize that thoughts and emotions are as real as objects, if not more real. When we add to this realization the findings of quantum mechanics (everything has a wave aspect, etc…), we can learn to redefine what is “real” in our own minds.

Do we have inner senses?

Yes we do have inner senses. Subjective phenomena like a thought or emotion does not have a direct physical impact on us in the same way a table does when we touch it. We may not immediately experience a thought through our physical senses, but we do experience the full dimensions of that thought through another set of senses.

When we use our imagination we actually exercise five inner senses (as well as other inner senses that science has not yet studied, like telepathy and intuition).


The true reality of anything is in the underlying psychological wave-state that forms any given object. Do not be misguided by the word “wave.” The inner psychological state of any object is a fine duplication of the physical state. It is not just a wave with troughs and valleys.

The reality of anything is enfolded in the entire universe in the way images will appear in a tiny piece of shattered holographic film. But this is not just “data” in the conventional sense. The nonphysical REALITY of anything is alive and full of emotional and thought qualities and reality that is directly felt and experienced on many levels, as well as multiplied by taking root and growing into all probable times and realities.

These inner psychological events that form objects (containing what is like psychological DNA), can manifest the underlying reality of any given object in any world. Each manifestation will be unique, like billions of snowflakes that appear similar but are not the same.

Physical objects are convincing because of the way in which they impact our senses, but they are not the reality for which they stand. The primary reality of any object is in the inner information-force that manifests it. The reality of any given object or event is in the energy-containing-information (consciousness) that forms it.

What is real is “consciousness,” and physical matter is a kind of mirage or shadow cast by the primary reality within.

REAL SCHOOL Teaching Truth

What is “real?”

Since the message in this site is that the primary reality of anything is in the energy and intelligence that formed it (in consciousness which is the source of the physical world), we must redefine what we call  “real,” or “reality.”

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Consciousness Science & Books

  1. There are no myths given here.
  2. Only information pertaining to your good and unlimited nature.
  3. And how to make best use of it.



Something interesting that happened when I was a child.


About this site and its content

This site will post advanced metaphysics.

This website contains keywords in the titles and content. You can’t benefit from the site if you can’t find it, and the keywords help people to find the site. Therefore, there is sometimes redundancy in articles and titles.

I often come back multiple times to edit  and improve articles after I post them.

The articles are my best effort to acquaint people with the facts.

  1. The universe is consciousness.
  2. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create your reality.

Appreciating the photos helps you to apply the philosophy. A positive focus is the key to a positive life, and I am doing my best to provide that positive experience on my sites.

A New Field of Science

Currently there is no scientific field of inquiry that looks at the findings in one field (such as physics) and then communicates them to and applies them to other fields.

If the new paradigm conveyed by quantum physics was followed in other fields they would be transformed.



Photo by: Anton Repponen.

Replacing College Credits

I plan on a new type of system that can eventually replace what universities use now. EN’s course will offer a new system to replace college credits by recognizing real, rather than false intelligence based on myths.

As the world shifts to a new worldview, business leaders will increasingly look to EN as a source of educated people. A factual education means you will be able to achieve business goals using conscious creation.

Those who have an education based on the new paradigm are hard to come by. Those who know the truth are the people that will be valuable to businesses and institutions and they will be increasingly highly sought after.


Photo by: Ramdan Authentic.

The author’s personal story of triumph against impossible odds, and what needs to be done to bring about a new civilization and better future for humanity.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

— Albert Einstein

“Education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think.”

— Albert Einstein

EN is going to be a powerful force to end pain & suffering in the world

The people of the world can solve their problems and advance to a whole new level. I love humanity and want to end the suffering in the world, and I am intent on doing it.

We are altruistic beings, and we create our reality. You can manifest anything you want.

None of this is new to me, I’ve known all of this since the early 1970’s. There needs to be a university that teaches the truth and is not afraid to put it out there.

I have applied the principles of conscious creation since 1975. Feedback from 43 years of applying these principles is uncommon. Less than one tenth of one percent of the population even knew of these concepts 43 years ago.

I am highly motivated to end pain and suffering worldwide. The new age is beginning.

My articles will reach people at the level of understanding they are at, and then I will increasingly explain their true powerful and unlimited nature.

Accumulated knowledge in all fields is based on a false premise. Curriculum from grade school to university must be overhauled. This international university initiative provides the new science facts and guides you with only exactly what you need to know for maximum success in life.


The truth about reality!

ABOUT US: Consciousness Science Books & Scientific Articles to Help You Create Your Own Reality

ABOUT US: University Initiative.

Copyright © 2019, by: William Eastwood

Photo by: Cristina Gottardi.



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To change any element of the movie you call life, you have to change your thinking. Altering the mind alters your life. There is no other way to change your life.



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