The New Paradigm


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When your baseline worldview / perception causes you to perceive through the lens of the new paradigm, then you will be safe and secure within your reality. There are no longer threats or obstacles to success because you have dissolved them. False beliefs will no longer manifest seeming threats and obstacles. Understanding reality, therefore is the key to effective control of events.

When you have reached the other side of the bridge, the knowledge you have and operate by is your power.

The new paradigm: Unlimited conscious energy forms world’s and identities such as you and I. Immersed in, a part of, and formed from this energy, these identities then form more detailed experiences.

You and I do this by forming events and objects by directing this conscious energy through our beliefs, thoughts and emotions into our desires.

When we realize that time and cause and effect are mass illusions, and learn how to take the next step, we will learn how to have everything we want in life.

We must see ourselves as operating within an infinite present moment, attracting probabilities by what we think. When this mode of operation is our instinctive approach to life on a minute-to-minute basis, when attracting components of probabilities in the present moment is seen as the primary function of our existence, and when this overrides our outdated beliefs in cause and effect and the past creating present events, then we shall create anything we want irrespective of what has gone before, the events and patterns of our past, or forces outside of ourselves.

As we learn to see ourselves as the only forces of creation, the past and other people have no bearing on what we create next. We are then free to create anything we want based on our subjective continuity and the significance we impress on the universe by our values, natural interests, desires and thoughts.

You have crossed the bridge into a new promised land when you’re new perception and approach to reality comes naturally enough to override your previous lineal time perception and approach to reality.

Top physicists are getting close to figuring it all out

Consciousness forms electromagnetic fields which form electrons which compose events.

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Natural Creation




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