We live in a meritocracy

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A meritocracy rewards people for their perceived achievements rather than their position, race or family. This is good unless the values within such a society are distorted, and they are highly distorted and misleading in our culture and civilization in general.

Our culture values outward achievement, and this leads to many demands placed on people’s time. As a result, people tend to be too busy in an outward focused way  to  take the time to look within themselves and discover the treasure trove that is theirs. Our civilization’s basic assumptions about reality also lead us away from inner knowledge and the wisdom we are giving you here.

The reason why much of what I am explaining to you now is largely unknown in our society is because of our faulty values.

We have all been lead away from the powerhouse of wisdom and AMAZING creative ability within us! Another part of the problem is that science has been misled.