Why do people who make a lot of money quickly sometimes suddenly lose it?

It is usually because they haven’t changed their beliefs about money. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, or what you do, if your beliefs are not correct they won’t support having money.

The problem may be your focus itself. With the proper focus, ideas and means to make money will come to mind. Opportunities will present themselves for you to make lots of money.

The universe doesn’t work as we have been taught it does. We have been taught to think that everything is against us and that we must struggle to survive.

Look at your entire belief system. What are your philosophical beliefs around the subject of money, acquiring it  and holding on to it?

Do you think it is difficult to make money or expect anything good to be taken away from you? Do you think that the government or people are against you or in some other way in opposition to your greater good?

The universe works on your behalf. Inner forces are always working FOR you. It may comfort and help you to contemplate this fact now.