What is the Subconscious?

The subconscious is a neutral zone between material and spiritual realms.

Your thoughts pass through the subconscious , evolving within a deeper level where your inner self creates your reality. This deeper level beyond the subconscious is where the work of creation takes place.


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The inner self keeps your heart beating as well as creates the events of your life. But the inner self creates according to what you believe, think and feel.

Your thoughts combine with similar thoughts and grow at inner levels. 

There is a definite growth process involved that can be tapped to your advantage. When your thoughts are positive the results are positive and when your thoughts are negative the result is detrimental.

The subconscious is not actively helping you, however, it is passively reflecting what you put into it.

The subconscious is the center of telepathic commerce. What we see is checked by what other people see and the subconscious brings both views into alignment.

The subconscious also processes billions of times more information about the world than the conscious mind, (four million bits of information per second verses the conscious mind’s 2,000 bits per second).

The subconscious connects you to deeper levels of your psyche and the universe, including the level where reality is created by your inner self.

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