How Reality is Formed.

How Reality is Formed.

How reality is formed.

The hologram is created by the efforts of your inner self and is a projection of your five senses.

The hologram is possible because of an invisible grid that exists as the scaffolding for the entire universe. The supports are not physical but are inflowing energy that is transformed into fields we call matter particles.

Based on what I have learned from Jane Roberts’ Seth books, Cone shaped vortexes far smaller than electrons produce what we call components of matter from consciousness.

What is vision?

Through our senses we perceive through electrical impulses in the brain. What we see in our head when we look out at the world is the brain’s interpretation of what it is perceiving.

The picture painted by five senses through the brain is a product of telepathic agreement. This includes a collective interpretation of what other people and events look like based on continuity from previous generations.


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