Violence is a symptom

Violence is a symptom

Virtually everyone thinks that this problem has nothing to do with them, that they are fine but other people are twisted. This is one of the main reasons why we haven’t solved the problem.

The problem exists in everyone of us to some degree or other.

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The problem is internal

If it were an external problem, things like gun control and more laws would be the proper solution. The fact that we think more laws would solve the problem  speaks of something far deeper that is responsible for the problem itself.

The very fact that we are focused on creating more laws and controls indicates that we do not understand the real problem, the internal errors we are making. These are the myths that are guiding our actions and manifesting congruent behaviors.

There needs to be a sweeping, fundamental change in the way we view the world and operate within it. We must approach our problems in an entirely new way.

Where would we look for the source of the problem?

If students in a classroom suddenly began acting out violent fantasies we would look at what was going on in their minds. We would consider the ideas that were circulating. We might look for bullying or some disturbing psychological element causing the acting out.

This is what we must do for America and civilization as a whole. We must look for some disturbing psychological element at a fundamental level.

The core problem would probably be something that extends to everyone’s thinking. Thus, we would look add a level of underlying philosophical belief. This means we would look at either basic scientific and religious theories accepted when we are young or both.

Social violence is a symptom of a mistake we are making. The symptom is there to tell us something is wrong. We might look at what beliefs and thoughts because beliefs and thoughts lead to actions.

Social violence is caused by something unsavory in the psyche of most Americans. This is the problem that when solved will allow us to have what we want in life.

It is a personal problem holding each of us back, as well as a collective problem preventing our forward progress as a civilization.

We can stand up to division and hatred in America and stop school shootings in violence

When everyone is using affirmations there will be no personal or social problems to contend with. But as long as we don’t understand the underlying problem and the means to solve it through projecting affirmations, we will continue to suffer.

Lights represent consciousness of people in u.s.

Proper beliefs and focusing can solve problems

If we change the core beliefs of our society and focus our consciousness in a more constructive and positive way we can solve all problems.

Remove Invisible Barriers to Success

We can solve not only the problems of violence in our culture, but also eliminate barriers to success so that we can achieve our personal goals and ambitions.


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