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THE THIRD OPTION: 10 facts explaining what you are and where you come from:

  • You are a three-part self. You have a conscious self, body and body consciousness.
  • The body consciousness runs all the body’s involuntary processes.
  • The three-part self is an ongoing creation of the inner self.
  • You are created by your inner self, also called you soul or spirit.
  • The inner self is the deeper portion of you that decided you should be born.
  • The inner self forms the body, the conscious mind and the subconscious.
  • The inner self is the creation the deeper portion of the self I call the entity or oversoul.
  • Once the entity creates the inner self, the inner self then takes over creation of the three-part self.
  • In quantum physics all physical things have a wave aspect. The inner self is that non-physical wave aspect of yourself.
  • The body wasn’t created in the past, it is created in each moment. Energy flows from within. You are the spirit projecting into time-space.








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