A book review

I am 69 years old eighteen years ago I was an English professor, I suffered a massive

stroke. I worked very hard to come back from it. Today I live alone and have helped

once. I have been interested in manifestation for many years I have read many books

watched many videos about the Law of Attraction. One of the best books on the subject

of creating your own life is William Eastwood The Solution. “Your reality always

perfectly and beautifully reflects your beliefs” (p. 187). That which is beautiful in the

world is a result of beautiful thoughts (p. 407). Many people think ideas like this are

New Age nonsense, I did for a long time. But actually the universe is created by a Loving

Force which is real. You can call it God; I like to call it Life. If you don’t like your life do

something about it, no one else will do anything about your life. Start by observing the

way you think about things in your life. Then read positive books like William

Eastwood writes.
Sincerely, Ralph
This author has a heart for mankind. If you have an inquiring mind, are hurting, are tired of this never changing world and all it’s problems, or simply want the tools to turn your life around read this insightful book and let it transform your life. Our life journeys can be difficult with trials and tribulations coming from many directions – thankfully we always have choices. Don’t get stuck in a life of negative thoughts that spew hatred and keep us confined to this miserable way of living. Some people choose to hate and see the negatives in life, this author has risen above that kind of living and and thinking and chooses to share it with others. Let this book free you, transform your life and set you on a new path as the author helps you discover and understand the beautiful possibilities in yourself, in your life and in this world – then soar with the eagles.