Circular reasoning

A 15th century paradigm 

There are currently two scientific views of reality which conflict. The traditional scientific view suggests the universe is like a giant accidentally created, unemotional and unthinking machine. The second is that the universe is one unbroken field of intelligent energy.

The latter is the view that is known to be accurate because it comes from Einstein, the theory of relativity he published in 1905 and the resulting findings of many Nobel Prize winning physicists. But the fifteenth-century view is the one we all believe because it is what we were taught.

The product of myth

We still believe the fifteenth-century scientists who said we live in a world of physical disconnected objects because we have internalized that view. The way we relate to life and address problems such as the methods we use to achieve goals and solve problems are based on the older science.

We have great difficulty thinking the mechanistic worldview to be inaccurate because it holds far more emotional weight then quantum mechanics. It is what everyone still believes, including most experts and unenlightened scientists.

Yet it is proven false by Einstein’s theory of relativity and the many resulting and amazing discoveries of quantum mechanics.