When the intellect worries what may happen

Worry or anxiety over a fear or potential problem is often a result of misuse of the intellect. The intellect does not know the future and if it is fearful it can often attempt 2 control it’s fears by analyzing the problem. But when the problem is analyzed more energy is added to the Dilemma since the intellect can’t see the future and so fear grows.

The solution is to utilize the intuitions to ascertain whether or not the situation is manageable or whatever. Intuition can sense approaching problems, Danger and it can steer you in the right direction. However, fear and intuition can sometimes be confused.

The proper way to use intuition is to stay clear and centered and thinking about ordinary daily Comfort such as meals and attending to usual matters such as cleaning and socializing. Also one can think of the potential positive results of plans and projects that are going forward smoothly. When we are centered on positive developments intuition is clear rather than muddled.

Fear or negative focus is like static on an otherwise clear signal. The fear or negativity is a kind of pollution that when removed returns you to your normal confident and centered state.