What is a thought?

A thought is electromagnetic energy with sound and light within it. It is the life force. The amazing diversity of life and the beautiful colors and forms in the physical world are reflections of the nature of consciousness.

If you want to know what consciousness is look around you. Consciousness is expressing what it is by creating you and everything that exists. But the true reality is underneath and behind the mirage.

Consciousness itself is imbued with transformative ability. A thought is like a seed in that it contains a pattern of matured development within it. Thinking thoughts is like creating little seeds of potential matter.

An imagining has the potential of materializing, because a thought has its own DNA and blueprint within it.  When a thought or emotion reaches the subconscious it is prepared for further development at even deeper levels science has not yet formally explored.

By means of subconscious nurturing, a thought’s propensity to advance to its next stage of development is accelerated, plain and simple.

This is not exactly the picture college science and psychology texts are giving the experts. That leaves the mystery in the hands of all those who sense something more is out there.

Most of us know something important is missing from the worldview conveyed by traditional mainstream science, but we don’t know what it is. I am telling you what it is.


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