Why Are We Called “Real School”?


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Why Are We Called Real School?

When I was young I went to school to learn a materialism paradigm that has since been disproven by quantum physics.

What I was learning was a set of beliefs and values based on a false premise derived from materialistic thinking that has been disproven by Einstein’s theory of relativity and a handful of the world’s leading physicists in the 20th century.

I felt cheated as a child because I understood the absurdity and damaging nature of this worldview before others did. What I was learning was not real, it was fake. I was attending fake school that was not teaching real knowledge but was teaching myths. Therefore it is my intent to provide information that is real. It is not a school but only speaks to my frustration as a child for not being able to learn real knowledge and being forced to learn what was actually false or what I thought of as being fake school.

The title therefore, denotes that this is real knowledge rather than the fantasy that the official educational establishment has been teaching.

I explain fully in the book below.



A new picture of reality has emerged since Einstein published his theory of relativity in 1905. Quantum mechanics has proven elements of classical physics to be incorrect.




Albert Einstein thoughts create matter physical illusion


“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

― Albert Einstein



A guide out of the illusion.


Einstein’s colleague and a group of leading physicists made a discovery that was never properly conveyed to the public. It was too profound to be accepted in the mainstream and threatened the elite. As a result, we were not made aware of this discovery and the inevitable implications it had for civilization itself.


There is a journey we must all take.

If we are going to create what we want in life and if we are going to survive as a global community, we must be willing to understand how we create our reality. This involves looking at the implications of what Einstein and a group of leading physicists discovered about reality that the media did not properly report to the world for a number of reasons.



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I set out to help humanity understand that the premise on which our civilization’s knowledge is based is faulty. And for that I was dragged down a path so horrible that I can’t even say what it is.

Understanding that people have to know exactly what happened, I have written a book that explains. In the end, I prevailed. That happened because the principles on which I base my life are accurate.



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But there is more to it than that. Continue reading to learn more.

The official definition of the world real” is incorrect.

Real-school-metaphysics-university-professors-realWhat is real? Since the message in this site is that the primary reality of anything is in the energy and intelligence that forms it (in consciousness which is the source of the physical world), we must redefine what we call  “real,” or “reality.”

Einstein’s friend and colleague, who has been described as the most influential physicist of the 20th century according to Wikipedia, has given a name to the inner reality that forms this one. He calls it the impliciat order.

The implicate order is reality in that from it comes this dimension, not as something that was created in a big proof, but as something that is generated as light is continually.

If we change our definition of what “constitutes “reality,” the truth is that consciousness creates reality. Accurate assessments made by consciousness are reality. In those terms this is real school.

How you look at something changes what you look at. Even how long you look at something changes what you look at.


Amount of observation affects matter


If a physical university where people go to learn is housing professors who teach a false mechanical worldview, it’s integrity and “validity is diminished.


NBC NEWS REPORT Universe is conscious


Reality is truth and reality is in consciousness. Thoughts create physical matter. The inner REALITY is the true REALITY.

Reality is not the physical illusion. The physical world is like a mirage. Your eyes do not give you an accurate picture of what you are looking at. physical objects are a distorted and poor representation of the actual reality within them.


What is the definition of “real”?

When I was younger my understanding of the definition of “real” was “that which is physical.”

Traditionally, that has been the requirement for being “real.” The state or quality of being physical is to be real.


How Dictionary.com defines real:

  • true; not merely ostensible, nominal, or apparent:
    the real reason for an act.
  • existing or occurring as fact; actual rather than imaginary, ideal, or fictitious:
    a story taken from real life.
  • being an actual thing; having objective existence; not imaginary:
    The events you will see in the film are real and not just made up.


Objective science or materialism does not comprehend that there is an inner reality that forms the physical world. Quantum mechanics proves otherwise, although its implications are largely ignored.

Einstein’s friend and colleague, David Bohm, for example, is known as the most influential physicist of the 20th century for his scientific paradigm that opens the door to the existence of an inner reality. Bohm coins the terms “implicate order” to describe the source of the physical world. “Information,” he says, guides matter formation.


A ThoughtsformMatter.com websites article.


What we think constitutes reality is the quality of being measurable and demonstrable.  Since traditional science wasn’t sophisticated enough to measure consciousness and demonstrate and measure its power and ability to form matter, thought itself became “not real” in the eyes of mainstream science.


MindFormsMatter.com website article.


Because of the obvious impact of physical things and phenomena on our five senses, people have always regarded physical objects and phenomena as being real, and so science’s official stance only reinforced the seeming obvious fact that physical things were real.

The development of the definition of “real” goes back thousands of years. A fire could burn us, for example, which we all needed to learn at an early age just to be safe in our environment. An imagined fire, however, could not burn us.

What we missed in all of this is what previously could not be measured or demonstrated, but now can. Objects are now understood to be like holograms. A book is just a field of moving energy that gives the illusion of fullness and solidity to our physical senses. Because the nonphysical energy-containing-information (or wave-aspect) within all matter has now been demonstrated and measured by quantum mechanics, it has to be considered “real.” 

However, our entire civilization is programmed psychologically at the deepest level to believe what has already been decided, that thoughts are not really real, that only physical reality is real. Our previous scientific position that physical things are real has reinforced our sense’s perceptions and basic notion that physical things and phenomena are reality.

For these reasons and also because of cognitive dissonance, it is difficult for most people and civilization as a whole to change their thinking on this subject of what constitutes “reality.”

It is not a physical building that makes a school real, it is the integrity of the information that it conveys.

Thoughts and emotions are as real as objects, in fact more real. When we add to this realization the findings of quantum mechanics (everything has a wave aspect, etc…), we can learn to redefine what is “real” in our own minds.

Physical reality is a miniscule fraction of the totality of reality. Inner dimensions, probabilities and time-systems are reality.  These inner realities are infinite. They are our source. The physical self is a projection of the inner self’s energy.

The authentic inner self is the real self, but this is the self you are. When you follow your energy inward you can discover that the inner world operates by different rules. You have an inner body and inner senses that are well-equipped to operate on this level of reality.

Do we have inner senses?

Yes we do have inner senses. Subjective phenomena like a thought or emotion does not have a direct physical impact on us in the same way a table does when we touch it. We may not immediately experience a thought through our physical senses, but we would experience the full dimensions of that thought through another set of senses if had not forgotten how.

Our objective sciences do not realize that we have an inner reality we exist within.

Orthodox science has refused to comprehend our inner senses because doing so would throw the materialistic paradigm into question.

Physical objects are convincing because of the way in which they impact our senses, but they are not the reality for which they stand. The primary reality of any object is in the inner information-force that manifests it. The reality of any given object or event is in the energy-containing-information (consciousness) that forms it.

What is real is “consciousness,” and physical matter is a kind of mirage or shadow cast by the primary reality within.

What is “real?”

Since the message in this site is that the primary reality of anything is in the energy and intelligence that formed it—in consciousness which is the source of the physical world—we must redefine what we call  “real,” or “reality.”

Real school recognizes reality and is real because it is based on and conveys real facts derived from quantum mechanics rather than falsities from materialism.


Subjective studies are the only real studies

I did not study these theories from the outside like a scientist studying something without experiencing it. I tested the new paradigm directly and fully through entering into it and living it for 45 years in a way few have.


A MindOverMatterPower.com website article.



“reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” 

— Albert Einstein


Physical matter hides the true underlying nature of reality, which is far more beautiful and extensive than we can currently conceive of.

Physical matter is camouflage



What we experience as an event is an after-the-fact effect of thinking and believing. Events or places, such as a school, for example, are a manifestation of the inner reality of our thoughts, expectations and beliefs that forms them.

Not all realities are manifest physically. But by believing in something strongly enough we can manifest it physically.

So, let us think this is real school and so it will be in terms of both the old and new definition of what constitutes “reality.”

The “Real School” designation is telling you the information and worldview conveyed in this site is real

In our search for truth we leave the collective myths and false dogmas of our times and previous generations behind.

This website provides consistent and accurate information about reality. Most educational institutions and other websites are unable to offer the same.

Because mainstream civilization is steeped in myth, I cannot compete with the world’s great universities to give you expensive classes and professors with impressive degrees. But I can create a virtual experience to help create an educational atmosphere conductive to learning.


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As you probably know, Olympic athletes use visualization because the body responds and learns as well from imaginary exercises as it does from actual physical practice. The same principle applies in an educational context. The mind and body respond as well to what is imagined because the primary reality is actually the inner reality. 


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