Does Consciousness Create the Physical Universe? What Substance Is Reality Composed of?

What is Reality?

Does Consciousness Create the Physical Universe? What Substance Is Reality Composed of?

Your Environment Is a Projection.

When you touch the table’s surface in front of you, it is really just empty space touching more empty space. The constituents of matter have no solid physical structure.

The physical universe we know is not made up of solid physical particles. Molecules are composed of atoms with vast distances between them. Going deeper, atoms are made out of protons and electrons which are 99.999999% empty space. Within the protons and electrons are quarks, and these are smaller and separated by even vaster distances.

When your hand feels a solid object it is only reacting to an energy field that the brain tells you is there. Our beliefs program the brain. The pressure you feel is due to the way the senses are programmed to react to what is believed to be solid (but is actually only energy).

We each create our own world. At a subconscious level every person agrees as to the basic nature of the world we live in. Because of this shared set of inner beliefs, we think we exist in a single physical reality, when in reality we are interpreting stimuli according to an inner collective consensus. The belief that there is one world out there is a result of agreement of belief about what exists.

“Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you yet, you don’t understand it well enough.”
― Neils Bohr, Nobel Prize winner father of quantum mechanics.

Reality is non-physical energy. Reality is empty space containing energy. Our thoughts are also energy. Our thoughts occupy the same “space” as matter. Our thoughts continue to exist after we think them. They evolve prematter at the same quantum level of reality where physicists study quantum foam. Here thought energy forms into phenomena that projects into the time space as quarks and other vibrating energies that form our environment.

Archaic Science Can’t Tell You Much.

The material paradigm provides no real answers. Traditional science does not know what reality is or where it comes from. If there was a big bang, what set-off the big boom, and what caused that which set it off?

Objective science has no explanation whatsoever for existence, and it does not know what matter or consciousness is. When taught the nature of reality in school, it is a con job.


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Does Consciousness Create the Physical Universe? What Substance Is Reality Composed of?

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