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Knowledge is power if that knowledge is accurate, and here I will now give you accurate knowledge as to the new paradigm.

The new paradigm is a new understanding of the universe and how it functions.

The picture of reality that you have learned is mythical, and hinders you and your ability to create what you want in life. However, to make the new principles work you must shift your thinking from a baseline of “cause and effect developments within a time context” to “the attraction and manifestation of probabilities within an infinite present moment” you are centered within.

You are creating your life in a spacious present moment by attracting and manifesting components of non-physical probable events.

You are not contained within time and space. You do not exist within a time space dimension in which you progress through time from birth to death. Instead, events come into your field of perception according to what you select from an infinitely vast field of unmanifest probabilities.

You form events within the context of telepathically agreed upon fundamental beliefs about reality that you share with all others who are experiencing the same illusion. These mass beliefs are myths. One of these myths is the collective idea of existing within lineal time, a reality in which you progress from one moment to the next. Because you have been trained and scripted to interpret reality in this way for most of your life, it is a bit tricky to break out of this type of faulty time perception.

We have to start somewhere, so I will begin with a overview of the new paradigm. When this way of interpreting reality becomes automatic and overrides your past scripting of reality as explained, then your ability to create what you want will be tremendously improved.

This is a bit like crossing a bridge into a new and much more beautiful land. When operating within the context of a consciousness attracting desirable probabilities within a spacious present you are safe and there is a flow of desirable events.

Top physicists are getting close to figuring it all out

Consciousness forms electromagnetic fields which form electrons which compose events.


C = Ef - EQUATION Origin and Meaning


The New Paradigm



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