Do My Thoughts Create My Reality? How Can I Create An Ideal Future Experience & Life?

Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-128Do My Thoughts Create My Reality?

How Can I Create An Ideal Future Experience & Life?


Do My Thoughts Create My Reality?

You create matter in the same way you create normal speech. Instead of controlling a flow of words with your intent to communicate a concept to someone, your thoughts generate and control a flow of conscious units.


What Is a Thought & Its Composition?

How Does Thought Produce Physical Existence & Life?

You create your reality in the same basic manner you speak words.

You express yourself in many ways.  You may play a musical instrument, or you may express yourself in some other way, such as through sports or work.  Taking care of a family or making your dinner is expression. Your activities at work and home are expression. So are your words. When you speak, your words are a form of expression. But all these forms of expression are actually all part of one primary form of expression.

Your life itself is the physical expression of the inner state of your mind. Your life in all its aspects is an automatic expression of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

When you think you automatically generate conscious units which then automatically materialize as events and objects in your life. Everything in your life is an expression of your thinking and emotions.

You don’t know how you think, you just do. And when you think you create prematter that will later materialize as objects and events. This is the primary way you express who and what you are.

Thinking comes first and reality and events follow. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions automatically form consciousness units in the same way your intent to communicate forms words.

The process of creating by thinking and feeling is as effortless and automatic as speaking. Creating is an automatic byproduct of thinking.

Your primary expression is automatic & faith-driven.

Nor do you know how your subconscious assemblies all the right words when you want to communicate an idea to someone. You often begin a sentence without even knowing how you will finish it.

The process by which you create physical events is similarly mysterious and driven by faith. You don’t know how you think, beat your heart or breath, but you can count on those processes and the process by which your thoughts create your reality.

These subconscious processes are all driven by a basic inner faith you possess. This is a strong basic faith in yourself and reality you were born with. although it may weaken as we grow older due to cultural beliefs, you still have this faith in yourself and life or you would not be alive.

Like other automatic processes found in nature, a deep inner faith within all consciousness materializes existence and drives the creation process.

Thought-creates-your-thoughts-create-physical-reality-everything-780The faith or belief that makes anything possible, is part of a greater faith that pervades consciousness itself. You can observe this faith working in many areas of your life.

In the same way your heart beats automatically, your subjective experience is materialized into three-dimensional reality. The process of beliefs, thoughts and emotions materializing as physical objects and events is as automatic as the process by which the body converts food into blood and energy, or the sun generates photons of light.

When you begin a sentence, you have faith you will be able to finish it, and so you do. You create your physical reality in the same way you create thoughts and words, and faith and confidence in your ability to do so helps you to create smoothly.

Your intents generate a flow of consciousness units below the range of matter.

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Do My Thoughts Create My Reality? How Can I Create An Ideal Future Experience & Life?

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