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Biggest metaphysics institution globally  Earth Network William Eastwood, Global organization, metaphysics  real-wizards-exist-learn-how-to-be-a-real-wizard-04-201  To thoughts influence or create reality and events,

Metaphysics-university-logo-metaphysical-university-32Hire William Eastwood as a Life coach

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William Eastwood Life Coach



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Your life is a gift: Ascend to higher levels

Fulfill your potential & live a good life 



Anything is possible


Life-coach-william-eastwood-30-303William Eastwood
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There is nothing that you cannot achieve


Realizing your full potential is important.

Why not get a life coach?

In today’s competitive world it makes sense.

Get your own life coach

success-secrets-mind-power-1a-295Having a coach helps you overcome limiting beliefs, which is important because your beliefs create your experience.

Gives you a person to share gains with and get feedback from.

Helps you stay on track, maintain confidence and achieve your goals faster.

You create what you focus on

mind-over-matter-success-1a-312By hiring me you get someone who understands the facts about reality. Your experience is created from within you. Simply stay focused on what you want and you will achieve your goals.

You are surrounded by unlimited probabilities. All of them are equally valid possibilities. They are activated or not according to your thoughts and emotions. What you focus on you get. Your emotional states manifest every day of your life.

Do not underestimate yourself

Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. Do not compromise your destiny for any reason. Do not think in terms of limitations.

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Let me help you.

Initial conversation is free. $40 per hour for services. $25 first hour.

Once you decide to proceed, I ask for 50% down & 50% upon completion.

Payment on Services

If you are struggling don’t spend your money: Free advice is available on the affirmation page every day

Daily Guidance & Affirmations

Other coaches base their guidance on false information

Where did we go wrong?

The ruler by which we create our reality

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Your mind and brain interpret and create reality through the values and paradigm of ancient religion and the worldview of Charles Darwin even if you don’t believe in either.

Unfortunately these are highly inaccurate and negative ideas that manifest social turmoil and crime, war and conflict. Personally they manifest psychological disorders, physical disease , addiction and inability to achieve goals and find happiness and satisfaction in life.

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Hire William Eastwood as a Life coach

You are surrounded by unlimited probabilities. All of them are equally valid possibilities. They are activated or not according to your thoughts and emotions. What you focus on you get. Your emotional states manifest every day of your life.








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Thoughts form matter & how to create the life & reality you want

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