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Formal education is scripting in collective myth

It is not necessarily wise to ask an expert for the answer to the big questions, such as, ‘what is consciousness and reality?’ Here is the reason: Most professionals base their theories and ‘knowledge’ on many years of formal education, yet formal education is scripting in collective myth.

Listen to them & you will fall off the earth!

Professionals must endure far more formal education than most people, and formal education requires that they pass exams that prove they are scripted in myth in order to be legally designated as an expert in their field! For this reason, most experts are bias in favor of materialism. Myth is therefore slow to be challenged within academic circles and tends to be locked in place within society as a result.

History repeats itself

The greater your formal education, the greater your conviction in the generally held false materialistic worldview tends to be. Our schools and professions are based on a false worldview, and they do their best to impart it. This applies to lawyers, doctors, psychologists and many other authorities.

The true nature of reality

Reality is tremendously beautiful and successful. We are consciousness that have achieved the ultimate triumph of existence, creativity, altruism and love. As we become aware of this beautiful nature of existence, our world will begin to reflect our newfound worldview.

The world is your mirror, reflecting what you believe. If you believe that you create your reality and focus on the positive you are spared all the negative elements of the mainstream, and you do not have to sign up for anything you do not want to experience.

Once you get to the point where you realize that your thoughts create matter, you are able to free yourself of all limitations.



How to Apply Advanced Metaphysical Consciousness Science Principles

You can learn how to apply advanced metaphysical consciousness science principles by reading through the basics as given here and then focusing on what you want with the belief that you can create it. Create the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Focus on the dream rather than the work to get there, but do not necessarily neglect the work.