Mind Over Matter: Theory, Science, Fact, or Fiction? How to Apply Metaphysical Principles


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Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-128MIND OVER MATTER.

Mind Over Matter is Not Fiction or Theory. It is Fact & Science. Learn How to Apply Metaphysical Principles Here.





Matter is composed of the same substance as your thoughts.

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The findings of physics conflict with mainstream worldviews. It all opposes what parents, society, various disciplines, schools and mainstream media hold onto as the only truth they know.

People want and need to believe what they were taught, but what they learned is based on fifteenth-century science which Nobel Prize winner’s findings and quantum physics proves wrong.

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Materialism, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, Freud’s psychology, most theories regarding human nature in mainstream psychology, and scientific thinking in general (ideas about time & space) are all incorrect and detrimental.

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Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create conscious units which grow and combine below your subconscious. When they reach sufficient intensity they manifest as events or objects in your life.

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Mind Over Matter:  Theory, Science, Fact, Or Fiction?

There is an ongoing scientific study of how consciousness affect matter. To learn about this initiative click the link below.

Global consciousness study

The reason why the world hasn’t accepted mind over matter is because it threatens the mechanistic view on which our civilization and institutions are based. The way we are scripted to perceive reality is difficult to change, and going against majority opinion and official academia invites alienation and rejection from virtually every source of support.


Scientists protect themselves using terminology as a buffer. Saying that the universe is composed of fields of energy containing information is a safe way to say that the universe is composed of consciousness. What is your mind or a thought but energy containing information?

The opinion of physicists who support wave-only theory is that there is no solidity, only quantum stuff or energy. When excitations within fields of energy reach a certain intensity, we can perceive them as objects or events.

The universe is an emotional manifestation of energy. The field of quantum stuff that forms the chair you are sitting on is a field of consciousness.

The characteristics of consciousness are precise, following definite laws and principles.

How to apply metaphysical principles. Positive beliefs and trust.

When a person first hears the good news that their thoughts create their reality they may be overjoyed. Their reaction may be a kind of euphoric expectation of having all their problems solved and dreams manifest just as soon as they can start to imagine it.

It could happen that way, but that’s not usually the way it works.

Enthusiasm helps, but Initial attempts at manifesting desires usually only bring isolated and temporary results. For two primary reasons success with these principles may require more effort.

If you have a history of successes or on the verge of success a few positive applications can tip the scales in your favor, resulting in full-blown immediate success. But with little or no history of success there is usually internal work to do.

People who are attracted to this material could have extensive and deep-seated belief systems that hold them back. These beliefs generate patterns of thought and emotion. Creating positive thoughts and emotions without changing the beliefs may work, but usually doesn’t. After applying positive affirmations or visualization they sometimes revert back to these patterns like an extended spring snapping back into place.

This is like a person breaking a diet and feasting on ice-cream. The internal ballast of belief is still dictating thinking and life patterns. Applying positive thinking to a mind containing contrary beliefs is like pouring water on oil, and the established beliefs of the mind will usually prevail over a limited number of thoughts. The oil (beliefs) stay put, and the water runs off.

The other reason for relapse is in one’s approach to life. Without a strong trust in the inner and outer self it is difficult to be successful. Without instinctive recognition of the power of faith/trust and co-creation that relies on the inner self, your efforts to procure real change have no foundation.

This is partly an issue of confidence, since confidence comes from a track record of success that results from trust of self and the inner self. This trust of the inner self can come from spiritual faith. It is the faith or trust itself that matters the most, not the framework and belief system that makes it possible.

Faith placed in your deceased Grandmother or an Indian spirit can suffice, and complimented by a trust in self or self-confidence will give you added power. Faith in the inner self or soul as a portion of self, or as a portion of the Divine spirit in self is best, however, because these are the most positive and accurate placements of faith.

Unless you already have some good beliefs and faith, changing overall life patterns will usually require understanding and effort to change. Reeducation and repetition of all the principles of manifesting is in order.

When you reach an understanding that you create your reality by what you think, your first concern in life is learning control of your imagination, attitude, focus, thoughts and emotions. Secondly, you need to learn how to use the power of the inner self to create desired events.

If a change in your thinking patterns is accompanied by trust in the inner and outer self, your day-to-day experience then begins to change for the better in such a way that you get what you originally desired. The nature of your entire life then changes dramatically. Not only are you visited by good fortune, but everything you touch turns to gold. Life becomes a deeply rewarding and mysterious adventure.


Nothing happens by chance, it’s all for your highest good.

Nothing is happenstance. You must trust that events happen for a reason, and that the reason is good. The universe is inclined to positive developments, and everything happens for a reason. If that were not the case, civilization would have destroyed itself long ago. When this is uppermost in your mind, events work to your favor and you escape the threats others routinely experience in the course of events. You remain safe and unharmed, because you know you live in a good universe that looks out for you. Things happen for a reason and you are protected.

When you want what is best for the development of yourself and others you get it because your conscious intent is the same as your inner intent. The inner self creates what is best for you and others. Even events that seem negative usually serve you in the long-run.

For the most part, competition is a myth, the entire universe is cooperating to help you.

A portion of All-That-Is (ATIS) is in each consciousness and every soul. The primary characteristic of Divine consciousness is to nurture and grace its most insignificant portion.

Imagine a machine with every part in bloody competition with every other part. That machine wouldn’t last long, and it certainly wouldn’t evolve higher life forms and consciousness. Yet majority belief is precisely that. The mechanical view of reality gave rise to theories of competition.

When science refuses to study the inner self and acknowledge an inner reality, science cannot perceive the inner commerce of activity between souls. Seeming victims and aggressors are part of a mutually decided upon script. No animal or human dies without deciding to, and no creature is a victim of another. There is always a decision and there is always cooperation.

Nothing is by chance. We are not victims, and we do not live and a cruel or uncaring universe, but quite the opposite. Even when seeming horrendous deaths occur, pain is supposed to be brief and eject higher consciousness from the body. Only souls that do not know they have that option resist what should be the joyful liberation of the soul from the physical body at the subconsciously chosen time of death.

You can trust your inner self and the universe to take care of you. It is only when we distrust that which gives us life that life becomes painful and difficult.

It is scientific to expect things to work out because all aspects of the universe work together for the benefit of all.

Unbelievable amounts of work are done on inner levels to uphold physical reality. The creation of the physical world and the events you participate in are a result of work done within an inner framework of existence. All portions of the universe are in direct communication here. This is the only way physical events can be created. The creation of any given event is a result of all those who are in any way impacted by that event and its many probable ramifications. The creation of any physical event is a cooperative undertaking of vast proportions.

This inner reality science refuses to acknowledge is where our reality is created. This is where cooperation is most apparent. Everyone is working together to help each other on this level, even those that are adversaries on the physical level.

If events do not happen by chance, how does one get lucky?

There is no such thing as good or bad luck. Luck is like time and physical particles in that it doesn’t exist. The concept of luck is the product of the great modern myth of man. Your life is not a product of luck, it is a product of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Your imagination, focus and assumptions create events and objects. Your attitude and expectations form your day-to-day experience. Literally. Events that seem like coincidence are precisely crafted on inner levels. Synchronistic events are evidence of that process and successful manifesting.

What determines pivotal events in your life? What causes your life to shift to either a negative or positive trend of events and developments? Imagination and focus does. Imagination and focus directs subjective activity to the desired ends.

If your imagination is not controlled and focused on the feeling of the wish fulfilled, then no prayer or effort of any kind will produce the result desired. However, if your mind’s eye is focused on the picture and feeling of the wish fulfilled, you will create synchronistic events. These events will lead to manifestation of the wish.

Your ability to manifest what you want is a factor of the holding power of your attention and imagination. This does not mean that you must focus on your goal all the time. Focus on it often and when you do, focus on it exclusively.

Because you have to live your life you must attend to the many demands of living and day-to-day affairs. You must focus on all sorts of things. The quality of that focus is all important. How you react to everything that you meet in life will determine your success.

You must live your life. The best way to insure success, therefore, is to react positively and constructively to everything that shows up in your life. When you open your refrigerator, is your dominant feeling one of overwhelming thankfulness? Are you filled with comfort and warmth as emotional association of numerous occasions when you ate well pervade your being? If so, you are in that moment directing energy in best possible way to assure you have more food and more of those wonderful associations. At the same time, you are directing energy toward all your goals and helping to insure they will be manifest physically. You are moving energy toward joy and fulfillment.

Feeling joy and fulfillment results in manifestation of more events that are joyful and fulfilling – such as realization of your goals and desires.

Everything is connected, and so positive emotions will carry over into other areas, ultimately manifesting in multifaceted ways. What you think and feel, and how you react in any given area affects other areas. The feeling of satisfaction and joy is what you will feel if you achieve your objectives in other areas also. The secret to success, therefore is to flood your days with a sense of overwhelming thanksgiving and joy. Create positive feelings around each issue and let those feelings transfer to other areas.

Where do my thoughts go?

Your thoughts and emotions continue to exist in an area beyond your subconscious. Deep within you similar thoughts and emotions gather together and evolve. When you feed positive beliefs by focusing on the day’s gains and victories those living structures are nurtured, gain intensity and are filled with energy. Your thoughts create probable events. Those of the greatest intensity win and later materialize as matter.

Previews of probable events are always parading before the dreaming self and inner self. The probability selected for manifestation is the one most believed in and energized. If it is what is best for your development and that of others it has an advantage and is easier to manifest. Beneficial probabilities are ultimately projected into matter.

Events are always a reflection of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions. The thoughts you have had in your past and are having now form increasingly complex structures, and ultimately color or create events that you then experience, days, weeks, months or years later.

The challenge of maintaining faith and trust.

Depending on how difficult and stressful your current experience is, maintaining faith and proper focus on what you want before it enters your life may not always be easy. When you are losing your house to the IRS or are in pain due to a health issue, counterproductive thinking and emotions must be avoided.

Use strategies to maintain a positive state of mind at all times. You will fair better if you build supports into your life. Sacred rituals involving affirmations and visualization, journaling, metaphysical studies, quiet, quality time in nature, pleasurable diversions, special relationships and highly constructive conversations, and even rest periods filled with pleasant and spontaneous thinking and daydreaming are special times that hold great opportunity for you to advance yourself.

Integrate metaphysical principles, reminders and applications into all areas of your life and it will be much easier for you to produce major life changes. This is how it is done. Transform your life with a broad stroke rather than with a narrow shot at one goal.

Mind Over Matter:  Theory, Science, Fact, Or Fiction? How to Apply Metaphysical Principles.

Copyright © 2018, By: William Eastwood.

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There is consciousness is in everything.


The universe is itself alive.


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Mind Over Matter:  Theory, Science, Fact, Or Fiction? How to Apply Metaphysical Principles.


To change any element of the movie you call life, you have to change your thinking. Altering the mind alters your life. There is no other way to change your life.


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