Manifesting Probabilities: Manifest Probable Self-image, Self-esteem, Confidence & Success


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Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-128Probabilities & Manifesting.

Positive Self-image, Self-esteem & Confidence. Success Overnight. Manifest Probable Selves & Events.


The ability to take a quantum leap depends on your understanding of probabilities.

You exist at the center of an unlimited web of probabilities. Your beliefs and your slightest thought or emotion in your present moment affects past, present and future probabilities. Any thought you repeat frequently is a belief.

Create Quantum Doors TO ALL YOUR DESIRES

If you mentally tell yourself you don’t have enough money, your job doesn’t pay enough, your boss is a jerk, you are too shy, or whatever, you are creating that as your reality. Read our other articles if this is a new concept to you.

How you look at something changes what you look at.

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You already are rich & successful.

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You have already solved your problems and achieved total success in other probabilities.

The ideal self you aspire to be already exists. There is no time and all realities exist now. You select elements from them in your present point of power by what you think and feel.

I am not speaking symbolically. Your presidential self is not just an idea, it exists within you now.

Einstein on time

There are many variations of your identity within you. Every thought affects your probable past and future selves in this life, reincarnational and other simultaneous selves.

Beliefs and affirmations will draw elements of probable selves and their abilities into your current experience. Some of those probable selves are very advanced and powerful.

You can draw the reality of anything you want into your current self and reality through various manifesting methods. You can do it simply by focusing on what you want to create.

Low self-esteem to confident person overnight.

As an example of how to apply this principle, imagine that you have low self-esteem &/or social anxiety. The first thing you must do is realize that high self-esteem already exists within your being.

You can connect with inner portions of your identity which already possess high self-esteem. Probable selves and identities exist within you which are highly confident. Inner portions of yourself are adept socially and possess high self-esteem.

When you try to change yourself based on a firm belief in the problem you are trying to fix, your focus on the problem (and your belief in it) can work against what you are trying to achieve. Every time you think to yourself that you are not already what you want to be you bury yourself a little deeper.

The problem is your focus on “the problem.” Therefore, the effort entailed in trying to change just reinforces the idea that there is a problem. It reinforces the belief that you are not already what you want to be.

That belief is the problem because that belief is what is manifesting the low self-esteem or social anxiety problem.

The idea that you are not already what you want to be is the problem because your beliefs form your reality. When you believe you are confident you will manifest that as your reality.

The problem is the idea that there is a problem.

Therefore, I propose a more powerful and easier way to become who you want to be overnight.

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You only need to be who you really are.

manifesting-confidence-success-self-esteem-image-success-w-150Your authentic self is confident. You need only to be true to who you really are and honor yourself.

Assess yourself accurately. Don’t exaggerate your talents or how great you are, but recognize that the self you want to be already exists.

Realize that you will become more like the ideal you are striving for by how you think of yourself.

I am not saying that you should try to pretend you haven’t had difficulty socially. That’s not possible given your present situation. But if you make an effort to focus on memories that support an opposite premise that you are confident, and simultaneously shift your self-image, bit by bit your beliefs will change.

Those beliefs will then manifest as your new reality.

Thoughts actually manifest instantaneously, but because we exist in in a drawn-out lineal time system we don’t always catch up to the new results immediately. A positive thought will manifest now, but you may not experience it until tomorrow, next week or a month from now.

Because of this delay we often don’t make the connection between what we think and its eventual manifestation.

Realize that your present difficulties are a result of your previous beliefs and expectations. At the same time tell yourself that due to your effort to change, that those old patterns may begin to break up.

Change now will change past, future and present experience.

manifesting-confidence-success-self-esteem-image-m-150If you work on improving confidence and lessening shyness through properly executed affirmations, you will get results. Once that happens the next thing you need to do is to become at ease with your changed thinking around this issue.

When your self-image shifts so should your related beliefs and thinking pertaining to your competence, confidence, ability to succeed in life and more. Sense that happening, try to improve all beliefs supporting the new premise, and make an effort to be comfortable with the new self-image that comes with the territory.


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