Consciousness Science & Conscious Creation to Succeed: Metaphysical Life Plan for Success


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Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-128PLAN FOR SUCCESS.

Create a Life Plan for Success to Insure You Succeed. How to Use Metaphysical Consciousness Science & Conscious Creation. 


How to use consciousness science & conscious creation to create a metaphysical life plan for success.

A plan can be very simple. A good plan would be to refer to metaphysical writing every morning and to visualize your ideal life every morning

You would also want to specify how you will be working toward your goal on a daily basis. Create a journal or file to track your intents and accomplishments.

Writing down everything you accomplish as you go through your day. This helps you to focus on your progress, and by focusing on it you increase it.

How much you write down and how much you keep in your head is up to you. I like to write everything down. When I am unsure what to do, lack motivation or feel uninspired, I just read what I have written, and it gives me ideas, motivation and inspiration.

A plan helps you:

  • Go to the best possible life.
  • Manifest what you want.
  • Stay focused.
  • Keep working.
  • Track and amplify achievements.
  • Record and incubate ideas.

A plan keeps you on the straight and narrow and prevents you from potential snags.

  • Steer clear of negative social influence.
  • Refer daily to your plan to stay on track.

Underlying reasons why a plan can help you.

  • It protects you from distractions and bad influences.
  • It keeps you focused.
  • Helps you speed up the manifestation process.
  • Helps you to feel good and stay inspired.

Escape the great myth and chaos of the old world.

Just look at the world around you and the people in it. Because they are unenlightened, people create many problems and disarray in their lives.

The chaos we see in the world today, and in most people’s lives is due to lack of understanding. We live in a society that does not teach us to project constructive and beneficial beliefs, thoughts and emotions because it is not generally recognized that our thoughts create our reality.

The importance of our thoughts has never been properly understood or taught in schools. Your program for success, therefore, can be a long-term plan to manage your thinking to create the life you want based on your understanding as to how you create your reality.

To start your plan, you may want to write this down: “I need to watch all my subjective activity and work on all of it until I get it nearly perfect.”

I suggest at least one mission statement. Referring to mission statements helps you maintain clarity of intent.

Sunlight doesn’t do much dispersed, but with a magnifying glass you can start a fire. Consciousness works exactly the same way. Dispersed thought and inconsistent actions have far less power than focused and directed activity.

When you create a plan, state your goals and objectives.

Write down whatever you want to get out of life or give, along with a plan as to how you want to go about achieving it. Keep editing it until it is perfect.

Write down the metaphysical principles that will allow you to make it happen. Include all the key points given in this article and others.

Explain to yourself how you are going to use all these principles in your plan.

This plan is your command center and control panel. It allows you to navigate daily to stay on course.

Create a fire escape or rescue boat. Include a formula you can use to pull yourself out of low moods. Include methods to lift yourself into the highest possible concepts and thinking about your life and what you are going to achieve.

Your plan is a buffer between you and bad influences.

Your plan is a way to separate yourself from everything negative and potentially influential and instead remain powerful and focused on the highest energy and thoughtforms. You will lock on to your dream and goals like a guided missile. No matter what the outside world is like at any given time you will remain unaffected because of the clarity and strength of your intents and goals.

Consciousness-Science-Conscious-Creation-to-Succeed-Metaphysical-250At any time your mood slips read your plan and use your fire escape or rescue boat if necessary.

With your plan your nearly perfect thinking will lead to daily joy and the experience of chosen emotions encompassing your desired end-result. The quality and strength of your subjective life will serve as a ballast. You will be unharmable and unstoppable. Nothing will rock your boat, get in your way or change your energy.

You will still be challenged at times, but you won’t have nearly as many bad moods or dissatisfying days.

Focus on the bull’s eye.

Once a person learns that they create their own reality by what they think the rules change. The highest priority in life is no longer working hard to be successful. Hard, quality work can still be the second or third most important thing, it’s just not the sole determining factor of success as past generations mistakenly believed.

The most important factor in determining success is focusing on what you want to create. This is true no matter what your occupation is, or even if you don’t work at all. Put this in writing in your plan as a reminder. When or if you get lost in your work and exhausted it will wake you up and snap you out of the trance by reminding you that work by itself is not the way to success, and that overdone work can put you right back where you started.

Consciousness-Science-Conscious-Creation-to-Succeed-268 If you are a musician or do something like teach surfing, it’s all fun stuff. You may not think of what you do as being work. Excellent! The plan will help you maintain this reality and to create even better stuff.

Some of my readers are not there yet. That’s okay because you are growing “out of” a society that didn’t teach you what it takes, but instead helped you get into your current unfortunate situation. Whether you work on an assembly line or are homeless your first priority is learning to focus on the bull’s eye. You will need to focus on what you want to create. Doing so will pull you out of unwanted situations. Ultimately you will be lifted up and transported to a new life through scientific synchronistic events.

The how-to of manifesting is a skill-set we are not taught in school. No one told you the basics in kindergarten or grade school. Maybe in high school a friend told you about metaphysics. If you went to college metaphysical ideas may have been introduced as theories or a part of a list of things strange cultures believe in.

Even if you checked it out, that’s not enough. You need the experience of certainty that comes with your own declaration of facts and intent. If you can’t get that from someone else, you need to do it for yourself. Be your own best parent, teacher, friend, coach of spiritual advisor.

The important facts need to be passed before you. Your mind needs to be told the facts and needs to know your intentions. When the facts are affirmed in a certain way they reach all levels of your mind. This flushes out all the cultural myths and garbage that disempowers you.

First and foremost, understand that beliefs, thoughts and emotions are energy that manifests.  Write this down front and center in your plan.

You will project the belief that you have what you desire, and you will picture yourself having what you want in the future. Either way, in doing so you are drawing that reality from the field of probabilities in the spacious present. You are selecting and creating.

You learn though practice and repetition. Ultimately you become a master at manifesting what you want when you want it.

You are leaving the ways of the world behind. You are not going to focus on what you want in a state of jealousy, anxiety, frustration or in pining desperation. You are going to use a variety of methods. The plan helps you to remember how to create the right moods and when to apply specific ideas and techniques that will get you to where you want to go fastest.


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