Do Beliefs, Thoughts & Emotions Create Reality? Cause of Future Events. How Can I Change Life Conditions?


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Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-128What Determines The Journey?

Do Beliefs, Thoughts & Emotions Create Reality? How Can I Change Life Conditions? Cause of Future Events.

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You create your personal experience with your beliefs, thoughts & emotions.

The energy of the mind materializes as objects and events. This is as natural as sunshine and apple pie.

You have been creating your own reality all along, so it is nothing to fear. When you know that you create your reality by what you think you should be able to apply that knowledge to improve your day-to-day experience.

I want to help you improve your life by showing you how you create your reality. If you don’t believe me, or if you need science to confirm this principle you can click on the link below.

Nobel Prize Winner's Findings

Most of us were taught that thoughts did not matter as much as actions.

Our subjective activity is what forms our life, however. To neglect the most important and powerful force in the universe is to be like a person who lives his life in poverty and want in a house built upon a ledge of solid gold.

Mind over matter is the ability to focus your beliefs, thoughts and emotions on a desired outcome until it manifests. Dwell on and expect success in thought and feeling and you will create it. To dwell in fear and worry about failure is to create failure.

Feelings must be managed minute by minute and hour by hour. This is the only way to create what you want in life.

Direct your consciousness properly and responsibly and you will experience a life of success and realization of your greatest ambitions. The emotional states that match success will create success.

If you think positive thoughts, you will create positive developments in your life. But if you entertain limiting beliefs or think contrary thoughts a few hours later, you may neutralize your previous positive thoughts.

As I have said before, there is no difference between mind and matter except intensity is higher in matter. Hold intense thoughts and emotions long enough and they translate themselves into the events and objects in your life.

The actual creation of events takes place in an inner framework of existence where creation takes place.

Where do thoughts create matter?

Complex beliefs systems govern every person’s reality.

Positive beliefs reinforce each other and generate positive thoughts and emotions. Negative beliefs generate negative thoughts and emotions.

There are complex structures of both negative and positive beliefs in your mind. Positive repels negative and negative repels positive.

I am oversimplifying here to make a point, but once you are primarily positive it is easy to remain positive. This is because over a period of time a person who is positive will create a belief system that supports their positive interpretations.  A positive belief system will include hundreds of beliefs supporting and reinforcing positive views.

Beliefs-Thoughts-Emotions-Cause-Create-Change-Future-Events-150More importantly, since beliefs, thoughts and emotions manifest, a positive person will have plenty of positive experiences. These positive experiences will then reinforce the positive beliefs, thinking and emotions that created them.

People typically move in one direction or another. Those that have get more, and those that don’t get less.

To he who has, more is added.

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The mind is also organized by association. This is noticeable when your mind is in free gear.

When you have the time, pay attention to your own stream of thoughts. Notice how one thought or subject leads to another and so on.

Belief systems.

Every individual has a few core beliefs with many subsidiary beliefs feeding into those core beliefs. You may perceive reality through one, two or three core beliefs. Those core beliefs can change.

When you are in College it could be that you see yourself as superior, young and attractive. You may even be surrounded by people who don’t have it all figured out like you.

As an adult your beliefs may change. You may see yourself as an adult Christian. You may see yourself as a principled person in an immoral world.

Beliefs-Thoughts-Emotions-Cause-Change-Create-Future-Events-m-150You may think people are sinful. Every belief has its place in relation to the main self-image which is a set of core beliefs. You will always interpret yourself and others through the lens of your core belief.

Beliefs and thoughts are connected by their similarities. Each belief in your mind is supported by similar beliefs. These beliefs manifest as your reality and they cause you to read reality through the lens of your beliefs.

Eventually everything fits your core beliefs.

What happens when you try to change your beliefs for the better to manifest a better reality for yourself?

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