ALL-THAT-IS: Multidimensional Consciousness Manifests Reality, Existence & Souls

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Matter is composed of the same substance as your thoughts.

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The findings of physics conflict with mainstream worldviews. It all opposes what parents, society, various disciplines, schools and mainstream media hold onto as the only truth they know.

People want and need to believe what they were taught, but what they learned is based on fifteenth-century science which Nobel Prize winner’s findings and quantum physics proves wrong.

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Materialism, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, Freud’s psychology, most theories regarding human nature in mainstream psychology, and scientific thinking in general (ideas about time & space) are all incorrect and detrimental.

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Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create conscious units which grow and combine below your subconscious. When they reach sufficient intensity they manifest as events or objects in your life.

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The New Philosophy Library section of articles is for those who refuse to be restrained by the traditional scientific paradigm that disallows recognition of of inner reality.

Mechanistic science of the past delegates the physical world of plants and animals as “the natural world,” but the true natural world includes the inner world. That inner world is the source of nature and man. And man and his inner world is a part of nature.

In a pole taken by cosmologists, the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics was found to be as popular as the Copenhagen interpretation.


Multidimensional Consciousness Manifests Reality, Existence & Souls.

The philosophy library articles are for individuals who are strong enough in their ability to think independently to see their way clear of collective illusion. It is for those who want to know the truth about the universe and soul.

This is the first article in the library. Begin your journey into a new world of ancient knowledge unveiled by reading this article!

The creation of multidimensional reality is simple and can be understood by reading this article.

YOU ARE FREE OF TIME Probable selves & worlds

The Universe & Physical World is a manifestation of consciousness.

You are a part of this consciousness and its manifestation, and being such a portion of this indivisible consciousness, have the same powers and capabilities. You manifest your life with your consciousness. Your sense of “I-AM” never changes as you live your life. Your body changes as you go from being a toddler to being an elderly person, but at every age this sense of “I AM” remains exactly the same.

This is the eternal you. As an infant and child, you played a different set of roles than you did as a teenager. And as an adult those roles change again, and so on. This doesn’t bother you, it seems completely natural. Your identity is constant while your roles change.

The multidimensional self is the same. Your identity remains the same, but you play many roles. While you are playing a given role you are not usually aware of your greater identity or you wouldn’t be able to play your role, which is based on a guise or limited sense of self. To play a role you have to narrow your awareness to one stream of moment-points and one main ego or self-image.

At another level, however, you are aware of all of your roles and you keep track of what each self is doing. When you fall asleep you pass through levels of consciousness as you travel to this level of self.

The self you are now will never disappear. After you are done with this life you can literally enter into the self you are now, and you will and do. All time is now, so future selves of yours actually enter into and merge their consciousness with yours. Since their sense of “I AM” is exactly the same as yours you do not notice. Perhaps your perception changes, or maybe there is a moment when you don’t remember what you were doing for the past few minutes.

Your body may die, but you never do. Nor does the ego (conscious self) you are now. Your consciousness learns to handle more data in its present moment. A present moment is just the amount of information you can comfortably handle. To evolve is to be able to be aware of more.

You also are here to learn how to direct the flow of spiritual energy that you form into thoughts and hence matter. Your thoughts and emotions are incredibly powerful, and it is necessary that you learn to create responsibly.

As you do you are given more reign in what you can create and where you can go. As a bigger fish you can go into deeper waters. Eventually you will handle many simultaneous experiences and you will dip in and out of realities as you please.

As you move up you gain new and more rewarding experiences, but no consciousness is superior to another. all consciousness at any and all levels is equally sophisticated. Like holographic film, any one portion of ALTIS can recreate the whole.

Any point within the consciousness of All-That-Is is equal to any other point.

As a consciousness you create matter or camouflage. This is an incredible ability you have now and are unknowingly using at every moment. As you learn you will become more conscious of what you are doing. As you become more conscious of the process you will get better at it and your life will get better.

After a few lifetimes you may even move on to any number of other and usually far more fulfilling realities where your creative abilities are greater and less restricted.

Understanding the bigger picture as conveyed in this article will help you grasp your position in reality and the role you are capable of. Simply put, it will help you do a better job of manifesting what you want in life.

NBC NEWS REPORT Universe is conscious


How we have progressed in our understanding of reality.

For a few centuries we believed the universe was composed of solid particles. Now physicists tell us the universe is a field of energy. Everything is a part of this field of energy, including you.

A physicist will tell you that a single quantum wave contains enough information to store all the thoughts and memories of your entire life. There is no objective reality, which is the opposite of what you were probably taught in school. Highly educated people still tend to see reality as they were taught, as does mainstream civilization.

I was never indoctrinated into the mainstream myths, which means I have a lot of clarity about the nature of the universe and the role of the human soul. I can convey what I have learned about manifesting to you. You will become better at manifesting, and you will better understand your place and role in the universe.

Create Quantum Doors TO ALL YOUR DESIRES

Begin your journey into a new world of ancient knowledge unveiled! 


The entire universe is consciousness.

It is not so much that your mind has power over matter as it is that matter is mind. The entire universe is composed of consciousness.

Nobel Prize Winner's Findings

Implications of the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics.

How do we describe an All-That-Is that comports with the popular Many-worlds Interpretation of Quantum mechanics? If every time you and I make a decision we create another self, and this has been ongoing since the birth of our souls, the implications are mind-boggling.

You create a new self with each decision and then each of those probable selves in turn creates two new worlds every time it makes a decision, and so on. The vastness of just one universe with all its galaxies is already too much to comprehend. If we multiply this by an exponential multiplication of universes from every point within ATIS, the vastness is mind-blowing.

How do you relate to all these other probable selves you have been creating?

It is accepted by physicists that reality is one unbroken field of intelligent energy. You are a part of the Divine Consciousness of All-That-Is. This means you are connected to and participating in all realities that did, do and will exist (they all exist now).

Since All-That-Is (ATIS), contains you, your existence extends to every probable world. The consciousness of the whole self of which you are a part opens up to some degree within every reality that exists within ATIS.

The same kind of relationship that exists between you and your inner self exists between your inner self and All-That-Is. This implies that each present moment for you is a vortex or path to all dimensions within ATIS.

The inner self is aware of your probable existences, and you merge with and become your inner self at deeper levels of the psyche. You operate at these levels while asleep and while you are awake.

You draw on the power of the whole because you are a part of it. Reality is seamless. The power of your thoughts to create is as infinite as ATIS is expansive. By universal laws of consciousness all realities are manifest and explored. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions are your navigation tool. You have free will to explore whatever reality you can. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions determine what you will select/create from the repertoire of ingredients across all of infinity.

The substance of all realities is consciousness. Your consciousness is a portion of this consciousness that forms ATIS. Consciousness forms realities out of its own substance and then enters into and explores them. That is exactly what you are doing now within your current frame of time-space probabilities. You are ATIS discovering itself through a process of consciousness manifesting a physical probability and self.

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Within ATIS you initially existed as a consciousness/thought seeking freedom and self-determination.

Before the universe was created all that existed was a vast consciousness. No one knows the source of that consciousness, but obviously something else existed that planted it, sparking the beginning of known existence.

The consciousness that existed prior to the creation of physical universes imagined infinite possibilities. These superior imaginings possessed self-consciousness. As these probable souls grew and developed they cried out for freedom and independent existence. Initially there was no known means of giving these probable realities independent reality.

Eventually ATIS found a way to give its divine thoughts their own independent reality, free will and creative independent existence. When the means was found, in an explosive frenzy of massive creative proportions, universes upon universes were created. Time-space continuums and material worlds came spiraling into existence. This was the first manifestation of consciousness.

Those manifestations are imbued with all the characteristics of their source. Each manifest other realities in the same way they were manifest. You create your reality and other selves in keeping with Many-worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics.

You existed in the ancient time that predated the creation of the universe. You participated in the first manifestation of physical matter. You participated in the creation of the earth. You were there.

Before this life you made a decision to be born.

As an ancient entity you chose to materialize the self you are in this lifetime. The idea was to forget who you were so that the game would be convincing and fulfilling. One day you would return home and be overjoyed at what you discovered. This is the basic process we all participate in.

The philosophy library will reacquaint you with your infinite inner knowledge and power, step by step.

We must become aware of the ancient knowledge of who we are and our creative powers. We create our bodies and environments with our consciousness.

It was never intended that we forget our origin and wisdom for as longs as we have. If we do not become aware of out true heritage once again the survival of humanity as we know it is threatened.

In closing.

None of this is new to me, I’ve known all of this since the early 1970’s. There needs to be a university that teaches the truth and is not afraid to put it out there.

Enjoy this new university initiative and the many new blogs and articles as they are being posted frequently. Not all articles have been edited or are even in the final stages yet.

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Happy multidimensional exploring and manifesting!

ALL-THAT-IS: Multidimensional Consciousness Manifests Reality, Existence & Souls.

First article in Mind Over matter Science & Philosophy Library.

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ALL-THAT-IS: Multidimensional Consciousness Manifests Reality, Existence & Souls.


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