How Do I Manifest Success & Materialize Money with Positive Thinking? Overcome Barriers, Delays & Mental Blocks

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Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-128Manifest Success.

How Do I Manifest Success & Materialize Money with Positive Thinking? Overcome Barriers, Delays & Mental Blocks.



You set-out to materialize money & manifest success through positive thinking, but you run into barriers, delays & mental blocks.

Realize that this problem is typical and to be expected. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or the way you are going about it. You are not the first person to experience delays and unwanted invisible barriers to success. These are shadows of prior thoughtforms attempting to re-exert themselves.

1. Do not assume anything is wrong.
2. Do not to search for a problem.


Assuming something is wrong and looking for the problem may be the worst mistake you can make. As soon as we start doubting ourselves or thinking there is some deep and inherent flaw in us, our inner demons are winning.

Materializing & manifesting through positive thinking automatically brings up barriers, delays & mental blocks.

How-to-materialize-money-success-despite-barriers-delays-155People have their patterns that are difficult to break. Picture your thoughts and emotions as plants in a garden. The garden is your life. It may have beautiful flowers and thorns and weeds.

If you use positive thinking you are pulling up the weeds while watering and fertilizing the flowers of fruit bearing plants.

Your deeper mind sees the garden, weeds and all, as who you are. If you don’t pull up the roots of the weeds your garden will look good but not for long. The roots in this analogy represent long-help limiting beliefs.

If the thorns and weeds have roots you missed these stubborn roots will fight back by giving new growth. Anything in the past has already impacted your neuronal system, and has more effect on you than that which has not yet been materialized. Memories can influence present thinking. Avoid memories that remind you of what you do not desire.

Negative patterns you thought you eliminated can revive.

How-to-materialize-money-success-despite-barriers-b-152Everyone has an area of strife. There is usually one or two primary areas of conflict.

The core of a continuing problem is a belief you hold. This then manifest in a particular area of conflict. It may be financial, social, issues of self-esteem, health problems or disabilities. It can be anything.

Now suppose that person starts to challenge everything negative in their life by substituting positive for negative thinking.

The problem is that the negative elements in their inner and outer lives have become a part of who they are. Your concept of who you are embodies the conflicts playing out in your physical life. As soon as you start saying affirmation you threaten the fabric of who you think you are. Initially this can be very destabilizing.

You may get some results from your affirmations right away, but if your problems run deep those problems have roots that act like a gyroscope or ballast. They have a part to play in the creation of the events of your life.

Your positive thinking may have some effect, but then these inner demons seem to always come back and fight for control of the ship. Positive thinking may only rock the boat and throw your life into turmoil as long as the negativity is acting as a gyroscope or ballast. The negative beliefs still control your life.

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Just focus on the positive.

If you have any of these problems just focus on the positive. Delays are normal. To speed the process up take all your attention away from the delays. Don’t imagine you have potatoes. Imagine your beliefs to be easy to manipulate and discard. Don’t focus on the fact that you have problems only on the goal.

manifest-success-positive-thinking-blocks-inner-demons-159Most importantly don’t think there is anything wrong with you. Don’t look at your life through the assumption that there is something wrong. This is the worst thing you can do.

Occasionally you can do belief work. You can try to identify beliefs. You can visualize beliefs as old furniture and then picture yourself throwing that furniture out. But don’t overdo this, especially if you are feeling defeated. Giving attention to problems can cause them to blow up in your face.

If you are studying metaphysics, using affirmations and visualization and are still having problems, don’t despair, just keep doing what you’re doing.

Dwell on and expect success and you will create and experience success. To dwell in fear and worry incessantly is to create more to fear and worry about.

You are not at the mercy of hidden beliefs or subconscious beliefs. You are not powerless before problems you cannot understand. You are not a victim of your past. Your problems do not require that you look at your past to try to discover their origin.

The conscious mind can change all beliefs, regardless of their source or origin. Your conscious thinking can dissolve even the most intense negative or limiting beliefs. The conscious mind, not the subconscious mind, has the ultimate say and final word.

I hope I have reassured you that there is nothing wrong.


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