Does My Conscious Mind Create Reality? Positive Probabilities, Consciousness, Beliefs, Thoughts & Emotions


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Positive-focus-earth-128The Secret to Success.

Does My Conscious Mind Create Reality? Positive Beliefs, Thoughts & Emotions. Probabilities. Consciousness. Positive Focus.

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Create Positive Events with Positive Beliefs, Thoughts & Emotions.

Conscious-thinking-mind-forms-reality-j-264Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create your reality. Daily events are created by you and are a product of your conscious mind, subconscious mind and inner self.

The events and objects in your life come from your beliefs, thoughts and emotions, both subconscious and conscious. However, your conscious mind directs everything, including subconscious thoughts. You are not controlled by subconscious material of any kind. Your current beliefs, thoughts and emotions create your life now.

You don’t need to be a psychic to see your future. If you want to know what to expect next in life, look at the nature of your conscious thoughts and emotions.

From the subjective activity within your mind, physical events and objects will be formed. The world is a mirror reflecting the contents of your mind in physical substance.

Expectations, faith, anticipation and assumptions are underlying qualities of belief that form your reality. The intensity and duration can amplify results.

An intense belief focused on all day long every day is going to be manifest in your life. The emotion invested in a belief or thought determines the immediacy of its manifestation.

Probabilities-conscious-mind-forms-reality-how-to-create-positive-187Mental images and emotions are extremely powerful. If you vividly visualize a goal being achieved with intense emotions of victory and satisfaction at having achieved it, manifestation will be swift.

Thoughtforms can and will change conditions. Your thoughts have everything they need to manifest within them, including directive intelligence, energy, motivation and impetus.

Thoughts are intelligent energy that goes out and does your will. The better you understand this the more effective your efforts will be at manifesting what you want.

Once you recognize that what I am saying is true you have removed the first barrier standing between you and what you want in life. Once you realize how you create your life you can begin immediately to make your life more to your liking.

Once you know how, you can make your life whatever you want it to be. You can change or remove elements you dislike and add events you desire to happen.

To do so consistently and effectively a change in habits of perception is needed.

“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”

— Albert Einstein.

The Price We Pay If We Do Not Break the Spell Moves Us to Break the Spell.


Why Is this So Hard to Understand?

Humanity has separated the world into two categories―the mental and the physical. We have built a civilization based on the differences between mind and matter, yet they are the same thing. Consciousness forms itself into matter. Your thoughts literally create your reality.

In the same way a solid, liquid or gas are different states of matter, matter is a state of consciousness. As a pot is made of clay, an event or object are made of consciousness. The universe is a living thing made up of consciousness. The events you experience are a manifestation of your subjective inner reality of beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

Driving a wedge between thoughts and matter distorts your perception of reality and disempowers you. Yet this is how you have been taught to perceive reality.

Breaking Fixed Habits of Perception.

Most of us are stuck in a certain way of perceiving reality. Even when we are introduced to metaphysics, and try to believe what is being said, it takes a certain skill and boldness to be able to be able to make an emotional leap of understanding.

Because of the strength of our training, physical events seem real and thoughts and emotions take a back seat. Thoughts and emotions seem to be reactions to physical events and not as real. We have blinders on, and simply because of our habits of perception we are not looking at the connection between how we feel at any given time and what we are  experiencing. We were not taught to see how each and every emotional state becomes manifest. We were not taught how to project the right emotions to get the physical effect we want. Nobody ever taught us how to do that because in light of what we were taught about reality it wouldn’t make any sense.

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

— Albert Einstein.

Virtually everyone has learned to see thoughts and events as two separate and distinct things. This cultural belief is so strongly believed in our civilization that we become literally hypnotized into thinking events happen in direct opposition to our wishes. We start to see the universe as working against us. We develop this belief and it becomes an emotional assumption. Until we make an effort to drop that emotionally-held assumption we are in a straight-jacket. Events seem stacked against us and we just can’t seem to break free.

Emotional Addiction to a Worldview.

Positive-thinking-mind-creates-reality-man-217We focus almost exclusively on physical events because we think of events as being the primary cause of what happens to us. Because we think this way events seem very important, hence we get wrapped up in and transfixed by physical events by our intense focus on them. This focus then becomes addictive. Our prejudice becomes such a strong habit that it is difficult to emotionally accept that beliefs or emotions could cause events. We may understand the concept intellectually, but we usually struggle to understand emotionally.

This mode and manner of perception creates an absorption and fixation on physical substance as apart from mind and thus uncontrollable by the mind. This state of disempowerment is a constant because it is always operating in the front and back of the mind as a reminder of our lack of control.

my-positive-beliefs-thoughts-emotions-create-events-matter-220The way we habitually perceive reality is set early in life. Once emotionally hypnotized in this way, it is difficult to change. As long as we perceive through these lens, every event reinforces our false perception and the beliefs supporting that slant of perception. As the years add-up the prospect of breaking the spell becomes more remote. Cracking the trance gets increasingly difficult, like trying to quit smoking once we are up to two packs a day.

However, if we realize that the price we pay if we don’t break the spell is too steep, that can help us to break free. When life is filled with personal disasters we may be motivated to make the perceptual shift. Or if we project a worst-case scenario we may turn our life around by what we see. To avoid the kind of life we do not want, we may be willing to break the trance and emotionally accept the idea that beliefs and emotions create events.

The reward if we do escape the illusion is too great not to make it happen. Chaos and disappointment verse a smooth and intensely joyful life in which we easily materialize our desires is an easy choice.

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