How to Solve Persistent Repeating Problems. Be Free of Fear, Frustration, Impatience & Negativity

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Mind-over-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-universe-earth-128How Solve Persistent Repeating Problems.

Be Free of Fear, Frustration, Impatience & Negativity. 

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How to Solve Persistent Repeating Problems. Be Free of Fear, Frustration, Impatience & Negativity.

When you are focused on a problem you can push the solution away. Divert your attention from the problem. When you forget the problem and are refreshed emotionally the solution will be more apparent. Ideas and intuitions will come to you from within.

When you create the right magical state of mind solutions that were not apparent become apparent. You may feel an impulse to do something. Impulses come from your inner self. Impulses are there to direct you to a solution. Trust them and see where they lead. Sometimes the solution comes in a way we wouldn’t normally expect it to.

We are scripted to think in one way when we need to think another way. We believe our egos alone must solve all our problems. This is a misconception that leads to repeating problems.

The ego is not an all-powerful god that can solve all problems. When it is used as if it were, all sorts of problems and frustrations arise.

Relax, let go and focus on the magic in the moment.

The ego cannot solve your problems, you MUST rely on your inner self. You MUST learn to approach life differently than you were programmed to.

When you fight issues or struggle against them they tend to get the best of you. This is because whatever you focus on grows. By focusing on what you do not want you give it added energy. If you are emotional you amplify its power exponentially.

The only way out is to stop thinking about what you do not want to have happen. You must think and feel what you want into existence. You just make this the one rule of life that you do not break. This is the only approach that works.

Focus on what you want and anything and everything positive & refreshing.

How to Stop Bullying & Social Threats, & Live in a Safe World

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To break patterns of deep emotional reactions, describe what life will be like if you fail to do so.

What would happen if you failed to stop your negative emotional reactions? If you entertain fear, frustration, negative emotions and stay in a state of struggle, resistance and impatience, you will create what you fear most.

Those most feared situations would re-exert themselves and you’d be right back in the quagmire nightmare. Imagine you are in that future now. Imagine that you are in exactly the situation you fear most. How do you feel? What is your life like? What are your regrets? How does it feel to be stuck in the unwanted life? Feel the pain of not having your freedom, money, love and all that you value most.

Now do the opposite. Describe or think about the life you would be living if you stopped all the negative thinking.

If you let go of the improper focus, struggle and frustration, your dreams will come true. The glorious dream will come into existence because you will no longer be working against your inner self.

Co-creation or Conscious Creation is an approach. You must change the way you automatically and habitually approach life. Change the way you achieve your goals and dreams.

Consciousness creates your reality.

There are rules that apply. There is one Holy-grail, that if you break, nothing else you do will help you. You must be adamant and persistent in maintaining only the beliefs, thoughts and emotions that will generate what you want. This means no matter what. You can’t think your ego or work can get you what you want and at the same time fail to apply the Holy-grail of metaphysics.

If you find a way to stop the negative thinking you will no longer be blocking the inner self. You are actually better off doing nothing than working incessantly to solve problems if that working is throwing you off balance and into negative thoughts and feelings.

You must realize how powerful peace of mind is. Enjoying the evening or a favorite pastime may seem idle and counter-productive, but it can be powerful. We have been taught that the ego’s demands and work are the only ways to solve our problems. This misconception is exactly what generates frustration and pain. That frustration and pain is the reason this approach doesn’t work.


Think deeply about the scenario of your complete and total success. Imagine how you will soar to the heights. How will you feel at having achieved all your objectives? Place yourself in that future.

Focus on the difference between how you feel in that future and the previously imagined one in which you fail. This effort can help you to change your negative thinking.

You can also use techniques to stop negative thoughts and feelings. You can slap your cheek and say special words, like wake-up, or snap out of it. You can create a special trigger phrase, or outrageous, silly or off-the-wall body action. You have seen a dog shake water off. You want to find a way that works for you to shake off all that cruddy and unwanted thinking and emotions. You’ve got to do it because you lose ground fast for every minute you delay snapping out of it. Positive energies that have built up within your psyche that work for your goals are diverted and released when you go negative.

You must devise pre-set methods to have on hand and to use instinctively when negative thoughts and emotions come up. Think about what you wouldn’t have and where you wouldn’t go if you didn’t snap out of it, and then conjure up what your life will become if you don’t snap out of it and fast. Then flip into the opposite and productive thinking that pre-living the dream evokes in you. Use a statement or action tool to flip into the positive.

And once in the positive, amplify it and hold the pattern. You may want to devise methods of amplifying and holding the positive. Certain activities can do it.

Sometimes we need to only get rid of the negative thinking and then relax and watch TV or take a walk. When the mind is blank and at peace the inner self is able to do its work.

If you are a true metaphysician, you know that real work is done on inner levels when nothing seems to be happening on the surface. You don’t try to do it all with your ego ruling over you like a dictator. Being a slave to the ego and its work-demands only leads to frustration. Thinking the ego must somehow figure it all out on its own and do all the work to make goals happen only leads to impatience and failure to make those goals happen. It can even lead to bouts of paranoia and fear.

This is a hands-on universe and you do need to go out and make things happen. But you cannot make what you want a reality if you follow the old script. The new script tells you that staying positive is a priority. That’s your Holy-grail. You know that you can trust your inner self to create synchronistic events and bring all that you want into existence.

With this approach you can relax and not even worry about how you are going to pay the bills. Then you follow the flow and your natural impulses and desires. You work as you are inspired, and you take breaks and rest when you feel that is what you need. The rest will refocus you and allow your intuition to receive and transmit insights to you that will keep you inspired and on-track.

When you follow this approach what you need tends to show up.

Fill your mind with the pleasurable emotions of a life laden with all that you desire and keep yourself in that mental-emotional space and then watch the magic happen.

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How to Solve Persistent Repeating Problems. Be Free of Fear, Frustration, Impatience & Negativity.

© Copyright 2018, By: William Eastwood.



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How to Solve Persistent Repeating Problems. Be Free of Fear, Frustration, Impatience & Negativity.


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